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Improved Touring build in progress

Help me get this race car going

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Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:11 pm

So, for those that missed the thread started in EC 2.0, I happen to have an XD that was my daily driver until a brake line broke. I tried selling the car on craigslist, but only got a scammer to bite on it (a long story in and of itself). It's still sitting in my garage, where it's been since Feburary.

So, what does one do with a 14-year-old car with 242k on the clock? Why, build it into a race car, of course! I have my eye on building it into an SCCA Improved Touring car, but I need to get it classified first. Seems no one has been crazy enough to build one before, at least that they've seen - it looks like NASA has classified them, but my long-term goal only involves racing at http://www.waterfordhills.com, and they go by the SCCA GCR (general competition rules).

I contacted the competition board about what I need to do to get it classified, and it turns out they have a whole Vehicle Technical Specifications sheet to fill out. It's 6 pages of pretty much everything imaginable about the car. I got hold of an actual shop manual, but it surprisingly hasn't helped with many of the specs they're looking for. And since I don't want to tear much of anything apart just yet, I haven't done anything like take the engine apart and measure things, so...

Just from the first page of specs, I'm looking for the following data, if y'all can help:

Annual production number from 2003 (the year of my car)
Confirmation that the engine is a G4GC, with non-CVVT
Rev limit, and method (believe it's fuel-cut rather than spark kill)
Restrictor size and %
Minimum block deck height and clearance
Volume of total combustion chamber and cylinder head
Volume of both intake and exhaust ports
Port dimensions for intake and exhaust
Valve materials
Piston type (dished, right?) and minimum mass
Con rod length and minimum mass (steel material, yes?)
Total mass of piston, pin, rod and rings

And there's 5 more pages after that. Thanks in advance!

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