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J2 dyno video

Original post by J2/RD

The two earliest generations of Elantra. 1990-2000 models.
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Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:45 pm

I went to the local Dyno Day today. I wasn't planning on dynoing the Elantra but decided to at the last minute. Surprisingly, I didn't win the lowest HP award. The honors went to a 68WHP Honda Civic. The second lowest was a 124whp 3.0 V6 Eclipse.

This is before the Beta 2 head. I might dyno it next month after the install to see what the gains are.

Did two runs, it made 131WHP/129FTLB and 132WHP/129LBFT the second run. Stock is 135hp at the flywheel.
Current performance mods: $36 Ebay intake and various junkyard parts.

Sadly during Dyno Day they don't print full sheets, no torque on the graph, no AFR graph, they don't show the correction factor. I had to ask them what the peak torque was. Next time I will take a picture of the graphs on their screen. They did the runs in 3rd gear. And refused to run it in 4th gear, perhaps in fear of blowing the engine.


I used a gear ratio calculator to put the rpms on the graph. The numbers don't really line up at all, the fuel cut is at 6750...

100whp below 4k. It does feel like the graph suggests, it makes decent midrange but doesn't make any power up high. That's where the new cylinder head comes in.
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