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Full Version: Premium Fuel??
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Nicks GT
Hey all! This is my first posting here. I have a question, since I got my 04 GT back in May I have been using premium fuel because the gas up where I live is insanley cheap and causes the car to ping when going up hills. My question is, am I causing harm to the engine? I don't drive far distances and the car sits on the weekends. I have 5,000 miles on it in a period of 10 months. Let me know!
our cars have a knock sensor that retards the timing when is senses pinging. I use regular and have never hear pinging.

You may have a problem.

What RPM are you hearing it?
First thing, no, premium won`t hurt your engine only your wallet at the point of purchase. Second your car shouldnt ping on regular so get that checked out, if its all okay with your engine and management I wouldnt by buying fuel from where ever you bought that pingy gas from.
Knock sensors and the computer can only pull 'so much' timing out of the system. To the pinging, are you sure the car isn't in 4th or 5th? If the RPMs drop too low under load you will get pinging because your starving the motor.

Pull out a spark plug or two and have a look at it.. What's the coloring like? Is it pitted? Erroded? Bits missing? Spark plugs can tell you quite a bit about whats going on.

If the plugs are A-OK, and your running higher rpms up the hill, then something is wrong with the system. The knock sensor could have failed for instance..

New cars 'can' ping, it's just how engines work. The computers try to compensate for things best they can which is why some cars say 91octane only. Some cars that state that are for your 'enjoyment' factor, others are dead serious about it tho..

Regular cars and such should run just fine on 86/87.. But I wouldn't wanna put that in a Porche or anything.. lol
Higher octane won't hurt. Do you live in the mountains? Hot weather? THose things can cause pinging. Unless you are in those conditions, you probably should get it checked.
Nicks GT
Hey thanks for all the information guys! I remember getting the regular gas from Sheetz which I found out this AM is really cheap. I decided to go down to Quick Joe's and got regular 89 octance fuel and it runs ping. I go at the end of the month for an oil change and I'll have them check out the plugs and the other stuff mentioned. Thanks all!
the higher octane isnt doin anything for the car, so theres no point in usin it. its not recommended, but it wont hurt the eninge. you might want to switch back to regular tho.
Tirolerpeter shouldn't have any pinging on 87 octane in this engine if you are living at or near sea level. Assuming it is a 5 speed it is advisable not to try pulling up hills (especially if you are carrying more than just the driver) at RPM's lower than 2500-3000. That could put you into the "pinging" range. Also, do NOT use full throttle (pedal to the floor) acceleration when your RPM's are below 2000. That can cause "lugging" and pinging if you are heavily loaded. BTW, the higher the altitude that you live at, the lower the octane requirement for the engine actually is. In Denver and and Salt Lake you commonly see 86 octane as the "regular unleaded." At altitude normally aspirated (no turbo or supercharger) engines do not develop the same final compression that they do at sea level because the intake air is already at a lower density and thus there are fewer air molecules to compress internally on the compression stroke.
Nicks GT
oops! Sorry guys...I had a typo...I meant to say that I used 87 octane fuel this time, not 89 octane. Sorry for the misunderstanding and I am going to stick with the regular fuel and stay away from sheetz!
Nicks GT,

I am having the same symptom as you I think. I have a slight pinging only on a higher slope uphill at 3200 RPM and 60 MHP. Besides the pinging, everything else fine. How bad is your pinging? Is it slight or moderate or severe? I am checking if it's the gas. Does it make a sure difference for you?

olidx is this "pinging" something new, or has it been happening since you own the vehicle? If it is new you may possibly have gotten a dose of really poor fuel. Just swtich up to a tankful of premium, and then back to 87 and see if it stops and then comes back. If it returns, go to the dealer and have them diagnose it. Could be a bad knock sensor or ECU that is not retarding the timing when needed.
In Australia Hyundai recommends 91 octane fuel for the Elantra.

here our regular fuel is 91 octane and our premium is 94 octane.

I remember a while back my old lady put premium in her Scoupe and it hated it.
elantraelite it is difficult to equate "octane" ratings between Australia and the USA. They may be using different definitions for the numbers or ratings that are posted on the pumps. Both your fuel and ours may in fact be equal in terms of knock resistance while they are "rated" at different values. E.g., your "91" may in fact be the same as our "87." Or, and I just thought of this.. are your fuels still permitted to contain tetraethyl lead? When we had leaded fuels, our regular was rated at 91 and our premium at 96. Do your cars have catalytic converters? Just curious.

BTW.. I enjoyed a week in your country in March of 1969. Stayed at a little hotel at Bondi Beach and did the tourist thing in Sidney and around the harbo(u)r. It was a nice break from that nasty little business we were involved in Vietnam; especially the hours I spent in some of your pubs! I felt especially good at the welcome I got from many of your fellow countrymen at the time; better than the "welcome" I got from my own when I returned to the USA>
I never thought of that, my mistake.

We still have fuels that do contain tetraethyl lead. its suppose to be phased out pretty soon. I'll have to see what happens once Leaded fuel disappears.

All new cars imported or made in australia all have catalytic converters. in an artical i read, it said that 52% of cars on Australian roads have catalytic converters. - Air Quality News

It's great that you've been to Australia, it gets a little annoying when people from overseas think they will get off the plane, walk down a flight of stairs to the ground of a air strip in the middle of nowhere with kangroos boncing around

I've never been able to travel overseas, but would like to see what the US is all about one day.
QUOTE (Tirolerpeter @ Apr 5 2005, 08:33 PM)
olidx  is this "pinging" something new, or has it been happening since you own the vehicle?  If it is new you may possibly have gotten a dose of really poor fuel.  Just swtich up to a tankful of premium, and then back to 87 and see if it stops and then comes back.  If it returns, go to the dealer and have them diagnose it.  Could be a bad knock sensor or ECU that is not retarding the timing when needed.


My car is pretty new, I have not driven it enough to experience with the different fuels yet, but I am in the process of checking. In all cases, I think 87 should not cause pinging. Anyone else hear slight pinging when engine is under higher load?
olidx.. I can't say that I have ever heard any "pinging" from my engine under any circumstances. I am very aware of engine/drivetrain mechanical sounds, and pinging is not one that has arisen in over 37K miles on regular grade fuel in my car regardless of load and road conditions.
Elantraelite.. I have had the opportunity to travel considerably. I have visited at least 27 different countries on 5 continents (I still need Africa and Antarctica). I have also visited all 50 of the United States (most several times) and 6 of the Canadian Provinces. Travel is definitely broadening! Get going.
Tirolerpeter, Thats a lot of travelling, i think i got a while until i can say i've visited that many countries. I'll have to get cracking...

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