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Full Version: Checklist for buying a used Elantra
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As a service to potential buyers of used Elantra's please post your thoughts on what they should be looking at (problem areas) in a used GT/GLS.

Here's a link to some archived tips, but feel free to post your ideas here!
hi, great idea for a topic. i posted a note today in the newbie forum which explains my situation.

i looked at the list of posts on buying used - the service bulletin info on the "power dip" does not come up.... sounds important - any other place i can read that? thanks!
(ps - great job on this website)
If you have a limited budget and are looking for a new Elantra you may want to look at a 05 GLS Hatchback. It has the same set up as a 05 GT but it has a GLS dash, cloth seats, no fog lamps, steel rims. Everything else I believe is the same. Can anyone add anything? Thanks
i think i'll be fine with GLS - just read that perforated leather seats are hard to clean... i might look into leather seat covers or something. however - the aluminum wheels are the thing... how much would it be if i were to upgrade to alum wheels later?

also - any news on the power dip linke?
From the archive a SPB quote:

QUOTE ( by southpawboston @ May 25th, 2004)
also ask if there were maintenance records since the dealer may want to see these if warranty work is to be performed. if you go in with an engine-related warranty problem and have no records of maintenance, you may be denied.

I got nailed with this one. Everyone, pay attention, they will void the engine warranty. At least get oil change information!!!
QUOTE (sunnyja @ Feb 28 2005, 12:53 AM)
i think i'll be fine with GLS - just read that perforated leather seats are hard to clean...

Actually they are easier to clean. nodno.gif
certainly they are very easy to keep clean.

I just went to the beach today, the leather was a breeze to clean, simply vacuumm it lightly and its good as new thumbsup.gif
Ok guys mums lookin at a new car as hers is off road again so what years of elantra were good ones AUTOMATIC like say in the last 3 years which ones are good and not so good
The "power dip," problem is not a big deal because the dealer will fix that free in an hour or two. I think maybe all Elantras have it and most people just never drive their cars hard enough and pay close enough attention to notice it.
Wooo ditch the troubled Holden... you'll never look back!

David- Heaps of Elantra owners down under seem to be older couples in the 50 + bracket, if you can find an Elantra with that kind of owner you'll have a car that will last for a good decade and long as it's well maintained.

I've noticed that the 7,500km oil change is optional... it might be a good idea to try and find a used Elantra that has the 7,500km service done no matter what.

I'm even getting all the optional services done.
QUOTE (cobas @ May 27 2006, 06:20 PM)
The "power dip," problem is not a big deal because the dealer will fix that free in an hour or two.

It's only free if you're under the 5/60 warranty. If that's expired, then you have to pay for it.
how do they fix the power dip problem?
The reflash the ECU with corrected software... it'a patch and applies to 01 through 03 models.
any known major issues with the 04's? Because I'm thinking of getting an 04'
Based on these charts at MSN Autos, the Elantra overall is a very reliable car and a good value used:

Elantra Reliability


Here's another good source of reviews of the car and a lot of the reviews talk about problems areas:

The review below is not typical but it shows that there is some valuable insight in these reviews:

The moment I drove the new car home, the factory sunroof was rattling really badly. Three dealerships could not repair it; finally one figured it out and had to rip the whole roof apart to fix it.

Also from the start the car had several annoying ticks or rattles in the door and other general body areas which with age seem to have resolved themselved.

Emergency brake rotted/froze after 1 winter. Back wheel was smoking all the time, burning the brake pad down to the metal. Again, Three dealerships and 7 visits later, they finally figured it out after replacing a master cylinder, pads, and several other useless brake parts, because they were all guessing and couldn't diagnose such a simple fix.

A/C condenser went after 1 year of ownership and I had to pay $450 to replace it; It was not covered under warranty because they said it could have been caused from a rock in the road puncturing it, though no one can be sure.

General comments?
Now that I've had the car 2 1/2 years, I am finally feeling like it's grown into itself and the issues are gone for the moment. I haven't had any repairs in about a year. Seems like the first year it had way too many problems.

In summary, all of my issues would not have been as frustrating had Hyundai service technicians been better diagnosticians to begin with.

All dealerships in my area (Boston) are horrible. Just horrible. That's the only downside on the Hyundais in general. Poor service from the dealerships, very untrained techs and they do a lot of guessing.
I remember their reliability was the reason I bought mine. Jay will concur, the 01-03 XD's were the best car made by Hyundai during that time span.
With the exception of an ongoing problem with vibrations from tire balance, my 02 EGT 5dr 5spd ABS has had VERY few issues. Warranty repaired the following issues:
--Noisy fuel pump (could hear low variable whirring at all times with engine running, even over normal radio volume at highway speeds, noise gone since pump replaced).
--Black vinyl door window frame applique (pinches/binds in warm weather from window going up & down... advice: put an adhesive behind vertical weatherstrip after tape is replaced, secures weatherstrip to prevent reoccurence).
--Shift boot bubbled up, vinyl delaminating/coming off backing.
Headlight lenses were cloudy/dirty looking... dealer replaced them.

Aside from warranty work, everything has been mostly maintenance-related:
--Replaced timing belt/tensioners, all 3 drive belts (around $300 at dealer).
--Both tie rod ends (loose at 75k), alignments, tires, wiper blades.
--Tune up (plugs/wires)
--Warped brake rotors (happened after tire rotation, doubt the shop torqued lugs)

Quirks (?) of note... I've noticed higher grade fuels actually reduce performance, but also some tanks of 87 octane vary. If you find a gas station that seems to run great, stick with it... several times I've had tanks of gas that has very poor low-end grunt, especially trying to start out in 1st from a stop, goes away on next refueling. (Have also had strange "no-go" on cold start... idles fine but on take-off, hit the throttle and won't rev at all for a second or two... rarely happens but might be linked to same gas situation) My ECU has not had the re-flash.

I'm at 81k currently. Original rear brake pads (10% remaining), replaced fronts prematurely at 65k (had over 50% remaining) only because rotors replaced due to warpage <my rotors came off easily, but I'm in warmer climate... I still applied anti-seize to lugs and rotors>. No signs of any leaks or seepage from engine/trans/struts, everything is surprisingly clean and dry.

With regular maintenance, my car has held up very well. I do oil changes every 3500-4000 miles, tire rotations every other oil change. Even if I take it to a reputable shop, EVERY time the wheels have been removed, I retorque the lugs when I get the car home (new front rotors warped 5k later, again tires just rotated... better safe than sorry).
I think it's about time some of our members with the HD chime in about their cars!
I've got 2 Elantra's an 05 and 06. Like many others I have a few problems that make me scratch my head such as the following:

Needing to pay a lot to get 30,000 mileage checkup.

Has anyone reasoned out why you have to remove the tail light assemble to change a burnt out bulb (someone wasn't thinking too clearly on that one).

Visor's falling out.

Both sets of michelin tires wore out less than 13000 miles.

Why they decided to do what they did with the recirculating gasses into the intake (leaves a lot of oil in the intake).

Otherwise, we get good mileage and and a fairly reliable vehicle. So I would recommend the 05's and not worry too much about warranty as it's lost when the original owner sells.

Just my 2 cents ...
30k mile service, I'm thinking your dealer might have sold you unnecessary services. You only need to do what's in the manual.

Tires, I'm thinking a bad alignment. The tires are usually long lasting, I only replaced them at 25k because their grip in the rain was terrible; there was plenty of tread left.
QUOTE (timby @ Sep 22 2009, 01:54 PM) *
Has anyone reasoned out why you have to remove the tail light assemble to change a burnt out bulb (someone wasn't thinking too clearly on that one).

Really? that does seem odd - I'm guessing you have sedans, cause I didn't have to remove the housing for my hatchback when I hooked up my trailer lights(which are hooked right by the bulb)

QUOTE (timby @ Sep 22 2009, 01:54 PM) *
Both sets of michelin tires wore out less than 13000 miles.

Don't think I heard much good about those tires...

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