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Full Version: The stay in touch thread
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If any of our EC regulars want to stay in touch or just "shoot the shit" or vent, post up in this thread.

Hello all! Hope everyone is doing aright these days, especially our members in the greater Houston area and Florida.

Speaking of Houston, a co-worker has a good friend there that lost his car which was a VW Golf TDI that he was preparing to turn in soon. Well as it turns out he went ahead and bought the latest Elantra GT (insurance covered the loss). He loves everything about it! Says it's better than his Golf ever was, in comfort, handling, quality you name it! I sure wish I could buy one myself ;-)
Hey Dave!

The new GT is like owning a well designed European hatch at a Hyundai bargain price.

I would buy one in a heartbeat! Right now though I have to consider what my wife will need, and this may not be the choice for her. And she isn't interested in my CX5 since it's a stick :-/
Get her the GT Sport hatch with the DCT. biggrin.gif
Hi guys!
Sorry for switching the subject. I tried contacting Mitch on the new forum but it looks like everything is down sad.gif
As usual we remember old friends when we need help...
I need some insight on what's going with my car... I hope you would be willing to help!
I have 05 XD GLS with around 220K on the clock, manual, I installed a new clutch some 120K ago.
Recently if I change gears [accelerate] at around 2000 rpms [low] then the car jerks like it wants to stall but eventually after 20-30 seconds of jerking it will accelerate. That doesn't happen all the time, I could have good and bad days...
If I change gears at 2500-3000 rpms [high] the car runs like new all the time, never saw the issue.
Any idea what that could be.
In case some one would be interested in replying my email:
Thanks in advance, Alex

Been 12 years now here at EClub and the club and the GT are still "on the road" :-)
Well Dave, we're "here" but not active. Hey, I built the new place in hopes of reviving EC. But, it wasn't meant to be.

Still not impressed with the other Hyundai / Elantra forums out there.
Well the way the 2 idiots are going off on each other the Korean Peninsula and the US west coast may be active. Radioactive... :-/
Well what a helluva weekend for news sad.gif
Yeah. Just awful.
Well if the high temps from August and September didn't already wreck Napa grapes, the fires are taking out the rest and the stored vintages.

17 dead, 150 missing, 100,000+ acres, 1200+ structures destroyed and no end in sight. Winds are beginning to gust again today and there is little to no containment on the dozen or so fires up north. Godspeed.
23 dead, 20+ fires, 170,000+ acres, 3500 structures and upwards of 4 to 5 hundred missing. And still no end in sight...
Sorry for the late reply Dave. This hasn't been a good year with all the natural disasters. Not a really good year for much of anything.
No worries, can't cue up the Sinatra song ;-) Here's to the next one perhaps? party-cheers1.gif
Charming Charlie - DEAD! Finally at 83...

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