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Full Version: I got rid of my'03 Elantra yesterday
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Well today sadly I parted with my 2003 GLS.

I bought this little car brand new in NJ with only 7 miles on the odometer.
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We moved to Virginia & she served my wife & me well for 10 years with zero problems. she had a few upgrades like custom fog lights & Sonata mags.
The only issue I ever had was the headlights fogged over.
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I replace the headlights rather inexpensively from EBay.
She had over 100K trouble free miles when my kid started driving her too.
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After the kid graduated we moved to Tennessee. 4 months later IT HAPPENED!
My son got into a 45 MPH head on with, ironically enough, a 2013 Elantra.
Both cars were totaled, both kids walked away with scratches.
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I spent the last few months dissecting my little 2003 for parts. My son bought himself a 2002 GT and now has an entire carload of spare parts. I picked her clean. She did her job & saved my son's life. Bottom line: BEST $13,000.00 I EVER SPENT, & best car I have ever bought. She was towed away yesterday. RIP!
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Wow! Yes I'd say the little car has done it's job, and well! Glad to hear your son is fine.
Wow what a good story with a great ending. Happy your son is fine. thumbsup.gif
Got your money out of it for sure.
Extra impressive that there was so little left of it after you parted it out. Definitely got every last penny out of it.
That is a tremendous story. The car sure proved to be reliable and safe. No doubt, the XD gen Elantra is the car that started to turn things around for Hyundai.

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