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Full Version: Rear LED reflectors for the MD (2011-2013)
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Hi everyone,
I just recently purchased the LED reflectors for my 2013 Elantra GLS,
and I tried installing it with the bumper on, which some people have done.
As I inspected the back of the reflectors from underneath the car, I saw a black plastic stick-like piece that connects to the bottom of the bumper and a black metal bar (impact bar between rear bumper and car?). So I unscrewed the bottom of it that was attached to the bumper, and was able to turn it slightly (couldn't turn it any further). Then I tried to fit my stubby small screwdriver behind the section that connects to the black metal bar, but my stubby screwdriver wasn't small enough to fit behind it.

can anyone with experience chime in for advice?
If you used a stubby small screwdriver, what was the total length?

I think I might need to go buy another one that's shorter than the one I have now.

Thank you in advance!
I did this same mod without removing the bumper. I can't see if the images are still good while I'm at work, but..

I ended up needing to run down the street for a stubby screwdriver, not sure on the dimensions though. Although I thought that I took a monkeywrench and a phillips drill bit and hand turned it to the best of my ability at some point. Just an excerpt from what if I remember right, is exactly what you're talking about.

The driver side, like the passenger side, has a black.... plastic bar that connects from what I assume is the fender to the bumper that is literally in front of the screw that holds the reflectors in. On the passenger, it took a long screwdriver because I had maneuver room, on the driver side, I had to remove the little clip that holds the black bar on (It's on the bottom side of the bumper, screwdriver will take it off, goes back in easy), and turn it to the left a bit to get it even get a grip on the screw, and take it out.

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