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Hi, Im Sathish from India, Im New to this site, I own 2006 Elantra CRDI, Recently i changed pistons and rings and headlights, it's very nice car,
i have doubt, my mechanic said don't use AC until 10000KM after that u can use the AC,

i need suggestion for this he is right or wrong
Sweet a Diesel.
No idea what the A/C would have to do with having an engine repair done.
Sounds like they broke your A/C and don't want to take the blame for it. If it were me, I would make sure the A/C works.
^^^ I was thinking the same thing. Welcome to the club!
Welcome to the club, a very nice car!
dont use AC? im cracking up over here!!!

well AC will put strain on engine and maybe the new rings and pistons are wrong size and have to take 100k km before breaking in lol god i hope not... im guessing its pretty hot there :/
Hello Sir,

Im not using AC, infact im fill AC Gas also, My said after 10000 km only Fill AC Gas and Use it, Before that Use ride speed also 70km speed

and Which is the best Engine Oil for Next time Usage
I'm gonna take a guess that AC doesn't stand for air conditioning in this context...
Welcome Sathish.

Welcome. That is a very nice looking car for a 2006.

Can you confirm for us that when you say "AC", you mean air conditioning? If it is I'm thinking the mechanic just wants to decrease load on the engines to allow a time for the new pistons and rings to ware in.

On the engine oil, not sure what you have available in India and what is equivalent for diesels. But most major branded oil should be fine as long as you change it regularly.
Yes, air conditioning,

Also, in india Engine Oil's available,

Shell, Castrol, Mobil 1
My preference is Mobil 1.
Any of those brands of oil are fine, as long as you follow the manufacturer's recommendations for when you change your oil. If you are a heavy driver (mainly for drives of less than 30 minutes) then you should change your oil every 5,000 miles (8,000km). Synthetic oils like Mobil1 have been known to hold up just fine for twice that long or more.


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