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Full Version: The 2014 EC Donation Drive
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EC's 2014 Donation Drive starts today. The drive will end April 16th, 2014. The donations will cover all club expenses and any planned updates.

After seeing what is happening at most car forums (the corporations taking over and turning them to crap) this is an important time for the club. Let's stay independent!

Hopefully, we will meet our goal again this year. Let the donating begin. thank_you2.gif

As an incentive, Any non-VIP donating $30 or more will also receive a Lifetime VIP club membership.

Thank you for your loyal support. - Mitch
Hopefully everyone will get onboard to help keep this great, INDEPENDENT Club online and thriving! Thanks in advance, everyone!

There is ample time for any and all to donate. Even with the holidays coming up, any amount is gladly accepted. If you want to hoard some natch and then donate the whole pot or give 5 bucks a month until February, whatever you feel possible but I encourage everyone to give something to keep the club available to all!
Hopefully i get us started off on what will be another successful donation drive, thanks to all the members who have helped me out this past year biggrin.gif
We are at $40 which is a nice start, but we have a long way to go.

Let's make this happen and keep EC going. thumbsup.gif
Hopefully we can have a successful drive.

I'm proud of the fact we've stayed independent all these years. And honestly, the only reason we've been able to, is through the generosity and loyalty of members.

If you'd like EC to stay online and not be sold to a corporation (who would run it into the ground and change it with strict rules and regulations) donate to the drive.

Your car will thank you. cool.gif
Donations from today have got us to 14% of the drive goal. Thank you! clap3.gif
donated thumbsup.gif
We are now at 21% of the goal. Let's keep this going and meet the goal before the end date.
Every little bit helps.
Nail biting time. We are way more than halfway into the annual fund drive and at only a little over 25% of the goal total.

We'd need to average about $20 a day in donations for the final two months.

Remember, this will be the only donation drive of the year.
With a little over 6 weeks left we still are a long way to go but some recent donations have helped.

Remember, this will take teamwork. Hopefully some newer members that have been helped will see value in keeping us online.

As an extra incentive I'll make any member who donates $20 or more a Lifetime VIP. You help us, I give you the gift (and perks) of full membership. thumbsup.gif
$865 to go with 40 days left.

We can do this.

Let's keep the community around into the foreseeable future. thumbsup.gif
1/2 way there with a bit over a month left.

Hopefully some members who haven't donated before will pitch in.

Thanks to all. thank_you2.gif

Just 28 days left to meet the 2014 funding goal.

Let's make it happen. smile.gif
I'm going ahead and extending the drive. Hope this helps.
Thanks to all who have donated so far. You are the true club heroes.
I've done one last extension on this. The drive will end April 16th. That means we have 30 days to make it happen. $443 seems possible.

Have you ever come here with a problem that the moderators, myself or other members have helped you solve? Did it save you a bunch of $$? Wouldn't it be a cool gesture to throw a few of the bucks you saved back into the site to keep it relevant?

Are you a long time member that's never donated? Step up to the plate and be a club hero.

We still have an excellent site here with a bunch of good people. I know we can do this. thumbsup.gif

Thank you.
How does my membership change to VIP? I made a donation today and was hoping to get access to VIP membership, but maybe it takes a little while to register? Not right away?
QUOTE (seafunk @ Mar 27 2014, 08:05 PM) *
How does my membership change to VIP? I made a donation today and was hoping to get access to VIP membership, but maybe it takes a little while to register? Not right away?

The boss man will take care of it, just hang tight.
QUOTE (slowgls @ Mar 27 2014, 09:36 PM) *
The boss man will take care of it, just hang tight.

Indeed. Mitch has quite a bit on his plate right now, and unfortunately he's the only one that can make the changes. But he is a man of his word and will make sure you get your upgrade.

(Thanks for donating. This is a great Club.)
About 2 weeks left and we're *REALLY* close to the goal. Just under $130 gets us to the goal and keeps the Club online this year. If someone here has helped you out in any way, please pay it forward and keep this great resource online so that we can help the next person. Even if all we give you is a laugh... even $1 helps.
omg thats close... maybe this weekend i can squeeze a few more outta my ball and chain
$103 to go with 4 days to go. That's close! Let's not fall short.

3 days to do it.
We can do it. Every little helps.
We're now under $80 to goal, folks... just 4 people donating $20 could end this drive on a happy note and keep this great site online for another year (thus taking one worry off poor Mitch's mind). You can make this a reality, folks!
Well we did it. sarcasitc-bow.gif

Thank you to all who helped. You are the real club heroes. thumbsup.gif

And remember... the donation system takes donations year round. groucho.gif
(this is where I'd put a screenshot from Super Smash Bros where it says "GAME!" at the end of a round, but I can't find one)
Awesome job everyone!!!

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