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Full Version: Where I'm headed today
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Not the greatest video, perhaps, but gives you a pretty good idea of what's going on out there.

Nice have fun man!
We had a great time... I'll post the pics I took maybe sometime tomorrow; have to take a nap and then get ready for the show tonight. Didn't get to stay for the whole day's racing, but there was some really good action, and one car that was RIDICULOUSLY quick.
Sounds awesome!
Found a video of a commercial that some of you probably saw that almost gives a better view of the track (certainly more action shots, though). The drivers were all members of Waterford Hills, and if I'm not mistaken they all drive Corvettes when they race there.

As promised, the pics (most of which are admittedly not great):

The little man taking in the view from the bleachers between Gulch and Bluff Bend:

A shot of the control tower:

My dad and son, enjoying the view from Hilltop. Probably the best place from which to watch, since you can see almost the entire track:

The Spec Miata field:

The Spec Neon/Spec Focus field (split grid start):

Good racing among the Miatas:

Battle for the lead in SM:

Best racing of the day (and it led to a new class record in SF):

Opening lap for the Big Bore group:

The M3 got by the 'Vette before its tires were up to temp, but just couldn't hold him off down the straight:

The red car is a GT1 Olds Cutlass (!) that missed qualifying and started at the back. He took the overall win:

What club race would be complete without a CRX?

Pace lap for the FC/DSR race:

THIS little buggy might just break the track record this year. Think about this, the current record's AVERAGE speed is 84.4 mph, on a twisty, 1.4 mile course. 59.701 seconds is not out of reach for it: it was running 1:02s early on then backed off. This was the first race of the first weekend of the season:
All the damn Miatas!!! Well thats what my buddy says when he runs in ITS.
If I could afford one, I'd already have one and be on the track. The prices keep coming down, but the priorities just haven't changed... you know, a roof over our head, food on the table, college education for the boys.

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