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My 2010 Elantra, automatic transmission is great. But when driving through a puddle, the transmission seems to slip out of gear, the RPM's increase dramatically for a few seconds, then a loud clunk happens and the transmission shifts back into gear. This has happened at 60 mph and at 30 mph. The dealer said I was hydroplaning. I think not. The tranny wouldn't be revving that high and making a loud noise getting back into the proper gear. Any thoughts? Thank-you!
That is ESC - if you hydroplane it thinks the wheels are slipping and cuts the power to the wheels.

I have read lots of posts about the automatic transmission having issues.
I've noticed our 2012 sometimes revs up, as if it's slipping or whatever, because the car itself is not lurching forward as you would expect with the extra revs.
Did some searching then, and have read about others having clunking happening when shifting into reverse, high reving etc.
Many have had transmissions replaced under warranty.

I haven't noticed the clunking, or had any issues while going through puddles.

I will keep an eye on the situation, and will be taking her into the Dealer if the problem progresses.
I would have to agree with Vinnie's assessment. If this issue has only popped up when going through puddles it seems like it is an interaction between ESC and/or hydroplaning that is causing the issue you have noticed. Now if it happens at other points then maybe there is an issue with the transmission, but not if it only has happened when driving through water.

Maybe find a safe spot, like an empty parking lot after a heavy rain and do some test runs through puddles to see what happens?

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Thanks for the replies. I took it in to the dealer. They replaced the "transmission output shaft speed sensor". Since my wife drives the car, I'm sure I'll hear about it if it doesn't work properly. LOL

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