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Full Version: Hello and Winter Tires!
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Good Day All!

My wife just bought a 2013 Hyundai Elantra Limited, its a beautiful little car. I've always been a VW Enthusiast but this car has really impressed me (That and the quality of VW's, especially the interior really hit rock bottom imo). She couldn't have made a better choice smile.gif

Nice to see a forum dedicated to owners!

Previous to the Elantra, we had a 2005 Mazda 3. Not knowing that the Mazda 3 was going to give us so many issues within such a short period of time (I hated that car with a passion) - we had purchased a set of Toyo winter tires/rims.

Question being... will the 205/55R16 tires used on the Mazda 3 work with her 2013 Elantra Limited? I have attached some pics - will the bolt pattern on the rim work? According to the owners manual its an acceptable size although the car came with 17inch lower profile tires.

I know the only real way to find out is to try them on or check the specs... I figured I would save the trouble and check with other owners tongue.gif

Just a little paranoid, its our first new car biggrin.gif

- Adam biggrin.gif
Welcome to EC btw! thumbsup.gif

The bolt pattern is the same (5x114.3). The tire size is perfect also and most likely the offset will work just fine as long as it's a high offset (+45 or more) which I think Mazda 3 uses.

Overall I'm 99.99% postive you're golden on this tire/wheel combo.
Welcome to the Club!

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