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Full Version: just got my elantra today
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I'm new to the forum but I have been trolling it for awhile. I just got my elantra delivered to me today. Long story short my little brother who is going to school out of state paid for it and brought it to me today.2003 with only 65k got a really good deal on it. I was driving a Ford focus 5speed and sold that to get this and boy did I make the right descion lol. I already have a short air intake on its way. And I want to get a short throw shifter but I am real unsure on what one to get. What would you guys suggest?

Welcome to EC!!
Glad you are happy about ur decision. I don't drive sticks so someone with better knowledge will be right behind me to give you direction.

Another mod bug affected member.
Mod away!!
Check out the DIY section for ways to mod ur car.
Thanks, and I ended up just saying screw it and dropped the money on a twm short
Just looked them up, looks like a nice product. Did u get any of the other pieces like the cable bushings, extender or shift knob?
I had the TWM on my 6 speed Matrix, it was great, you'll love it.
Welcome to the Club! Only 104k miles until your '03 catches up with my '03! You'll definitely enjoy the miles with yours!
Id have your timing belt looked at if you dont know if its been changed. Could be a 10 yearold belt thats meant to be replaced at 60k anyway. Dont want to scare you but if the belt snaps its most likely will destroy the motor. TVM was a good choice on the short shifter.
I got the bushings and I defiantly was not paying that kind of money for a weighted shift knob, I work at a small machine shop so I am going to just cnc my own. And md thanks for letting me kno I will check, the guy i got it from took extremely good care of it and kept really good records on everything done....almost creepy how well he treated and I'm positive when I got in it was the first time she was ever opened up and reved out to 6 lol
Yup timing belt was changed at 59k so it should be good for awhile

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