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Full Version: Considering an Elantra, but questions
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Hello everyone! I am in the market for a new car as my 2006 Saturn Ion keeps finding new ways to make me miserable and poor.

My friend recommended the Elantra to me and I test drove one yesterday. I liked the way it handled and the look of the car. I do about 75 miles a day and some of the miles are tough stop and start. I am concerned about the durability of the car and whether it would last through a 72 month purchase term. I am interested in the base unit, I don't need aluminum alloy wheels or any of that fancy stuff although the salesperson seemed to think I would need it, I am sure he was looking for added comission.

I am also thinking about a manual vs automatic. Currently I have been driving a manual for the past 5 years and I have a love/hate relationship with it as it's great to have the control but it's murder in stop and start traffic.

So, my 2 basic questions are, do you think the 2012 or 2013 Elantra can handle a rough commute for 6 years and if so, any preference between manual and automatic transmission?

I thank you for reading this rambling message and appreciate any reposnses and help you can offer.

First of all welcome.

Second, the car will be fine with your commute. These cars are built solidly, and are made to last. You'll have no problems with durability, plus you'll probably save a few bucks at the pump.

As for manual vs auto, that's really something I think you're going to have to decide for yourself. The manuals are getting harder and harder to find. Either way, the Elantra is a good choice.
My purchase term is also 72 months, however I will not be paying for 72 months (just wanted the cheapest payment per month in case) BUT from what I have noticed, the car is very durable and reliable. I see so many of the base models driving around so I'm sure there would be someone on here with a base that would tell you the same as the limited models - it runs just fine and is a great car.

A Saturn isn't always the nicest cars to keep maintained so I think the Elantra would be a great choice for you smile.gif
2002 Elantra owner here. It's been through 10 years (120 months) of abuse, 151k miles on the odometer (actual mileage closer to 156k) and has never missed a beat. This car has been daily driven, auto-x'd, drag strip, vacation vehicle (up to 1000 miles each way, truck gets the longer distance stuff) and has seen 9 Indiana salt filled winters.

I wouldn't hesitate to drive this car, as it sits, across country.
Thanks guys, appreciate the quick replies, looking forward to more but I think this may be the car for me. Kate31, you have no idea how much I have put into that money pit over the past few years. I would detail it but I don't want to start weeping!

I have owned Saturns since 1991 and for the most part loved them but the Ion was a disaster and probably a good reason that Saturn is no longer in business. This is my first foray into Hyundai and I am excited. smile.gif

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