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not mine

incredible price for a fun and competitive car. only for serious track guys however (although it looks like it could be made street legal again).

i saw this on a local board and remembered a discussion (argument some would say) i had with bob about making an elantra competitive for auto-x and how much money you`d have to dump in. here`s a great solution if you wanted to stay with the elantra platform, albiet for road courses.
I want!!!
I'd jump on this except I'm quite happy with my HD except for the body. Damn I really need to do something like a body kit.
I just what race car.
zoom zoom lol. Their nice but need paint jobs for sure.
Don't have the money sad.gif
If I did, I would make it street legal and make into a sleeper.

The paint and body work wouldn't be an issue, that's what I do
i love it!

damn you canadians! sad.gif
$3k Canadian, for a ready-to-go race car? HOW UNFAIR IS LIFE?!?! I'd be all over that if I could swing it.
to be honest, it seems like there aren't many engine mods (it's probably due to the class it runs in) however, it's fully stripped out with a cage and a ton of suspension work. most of all someone has taken the time to dial in the car so it's should be a turnkey race car with all the parts working together well. the spares list sounds like it's very extensive as well.

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