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Full Version: WeatherTech Sunroof Wind Deflector
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Sunroof Wind Deflector
Hyundai 2007 Elantra
Part# 89145

I ordered one of these from It was shipped directly from MacNeil Automotive, so I KNOW it came from WeatherTech themselves. (I also see that WeatherTech is a member of the "EC Affiliate Mall" here!)

My PROBLEM: The one they sent me (Part #89145) that they SAY is supposed to fit my sunroof opening is 38" wide, while my opening is ONLY 33.5" across! I've gone back-an-forth with the guys at (with them contacting the manufacturer), telling them it will NOT fit my 2007 Elantra! (They say it SHOULD!) If I hook the MagiClip to one side (even at the widest point) the opposite end is still 2-3 inches from lining up properly. I've tried to tell them it is NOT going to "bow that much" for it to fit. I was forced to take and send photos (which should have shown that is was TOO wide), my VIN# (?!?), and give them the part # off of the packaging (#89145). Something which should've taken me 10 minutes MAX to install has now wasted 2-3 hours of my life... ALL I wanted was a sunroof wind deflector which WASN'T applied with 3M tape (I think they're ugly!). They are offering me a full refund; but, that is not the point! I took photos again today to send them from inside my car showing that it IS indeed "factory installed"... with the "Slide Open/Tilt Up/Close" buttons.

I just wanted to know if anyone here has one of these on their 2007-2010 Elantra, and could possibly measure its width for me, so I know I'm not crazy! confused-scratchhead3.gif Am I missing "some other reason" why it wouldn't fit?!?

PS: At the same time, I ordered the side window deflectors which fit my 2007 Elantra perfectly!!!

THANK YOU for any help or advice any of you here can give me! I LOVE my Elantra! Still have less than 40,000 miles on it! Gonna get a spoiler for it next! cool.gif
the additional wind deflector i got installed on my 08, when i had it, was longer on purpose. I got mine at the dealership. its suppose to be that way. here's the best picture i can find really quick

See how in the picture it almost goes the whole way across the roof. its to keep the wind from coming into the sides of the sunroof.

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