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Full Version: Backlights HVAC unit
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Dutch Elantra fan
Does anyone know if the 3 buttons for AC / rearwindow-mirror defogger and fresh/circulated air do have backlights, so you can distinguish them in the dark? (i.o.w. see the logo's on the buttons)
They only lit-up when the button is pushed in my XD2.

They do, but they can be flaky sometimes. Mine will work some of the time, and other times I have to "encourage" them by hitting the side of the console. The bulbs themselves seem to be a dealer-only part and are *not* cheap, relatively speaking.
Agreed.. they should have the icons lit when you have your lights on. Only when you press them should the selection light show up.

I'm not sure of the bulb size for them, but they are a bit tiny. If you pull the hvac out of the dash you should be able to access them. There'll be 3 little white circles at the back of your hvac.. you want the top one. You could test out the bad bulb by switching the top one with one of the others.

I know you say your car is XD2, the front end looks XD2, the dash looks XD2 (but a bit different even).. but those gauges are XD... odd... maybe it's a Netherlands thing
Here's a pic of the back of an XD HVAC... which looks identical to yours.
Click to view attachment
Dutch Elantra fan
@Sarge: Yes, there are minor differences between US and EU models, and one of them is the part where radio and HVAC is build in.
But I assume that the backside of the hvac will be the same as shown on the picture, and lights can be tested as described.
Do you mean that the XD2 in the US have these 3 buttons "in line"??? Is that the difference, and with the HIGH speed AC on the left knob?

For the record: My car documents tells me that it is a XD2 (2005 model year) and it it comparable with the US GT trim.
Four disc brakes, but fabric interior. It would be a lot easier if the names/type/models where the same all over the planet.
I don't know what the "reason behind" this policy is.... Your new Elantra's are here in the "i30" range...

@bhorste: These type of bulbs are very common I think, for dashboards etc.. I still have some of those little bulbs, and will see if they fit. Some of them have a (sort of...) colored condom to give it a different color, but basically they are transparent.
Or else I will check the junkyard if they have some of these parts. However...there are not a lot of Hyundai's in the junkyard.
Matter of quality?????

Thanks guys, for your advices.
I think there was a legal name reason as there is a " Lantra " over that side of the pond, so why the i30 name became. Leave it to another company complaining that their car wouldn't be able to stand up to the Elantra name biggrin.gif

the US XD2 does have the 3 buttons inline, as well the dials are large and round rather than the pointer-style. For the controls the US XD2 uses more potentiometers right on the board rather than having the large controls hanging out the back of the unit like the XD... which also means less connections (2?)

My GT has discs as well as multi-colour spotted fabric. I think that was a different package yet again that was offered in Canada. There was the preferred package add-on that gave leather and a sunroof.

Incase you're unsure, here is the DIY of how to get access to your HVAC controls.
From there it'll be 4 bolts holding the controls in place.
Dutch Elantra fan
The name "LANTRA" for the J models, was because Lotus had a model in Europe with the name "ELAN", and that causes the nameswitch for those models to Lantra in Europe. In 2000, Lotus dropped the claim, and that's where the XD and later XD2 models came with the original name (However...what is original???? I thought Avante was the original)
The XD2 was the last Elantra here in Europe until in 2008 the "i" models where introduced, starting with the small i10. Then came the i20, and the biggest one of that series is the i30, where in the US and Cdn a newer version of the Elantra excists. That came between the XD2 and "our" i30.

The bigger models with previous names as Sonata (and upward..) got the type-number i40, and the SUV's got an X between the i and the number. So confusing..... My cousin lives in Canada aswel, (London) and she drives a Genesis that was named here in Holland "SCoupe"
-indeed with the larger S and C in the logo-, and as far as I know, this model is now known as Tiburon, or is that something different?

My cousin ordered for me a pair of Amber front sidemarkers from Finch as these lamps are not available in Europe. But that is something "European". We like to give our cars an American look, while the guys from US and Cdn love the European style.

OK..ontopic again. As I have found the right bulbs for the hvac unit I can mount my new radio aswel. My car still has the mounting bracket from the original radio, and that must be removed first before installing an aftermarket radio.
Thanks for the link to the "dashboard removal" DIY. Hope it works also for the slightly different EU models.

Glad you could locate the bulbs... good luck getting it all to work. If you can find a good gremlin repellent, let me know so I can get some myself. smile.gif
Dutch Elantra fan
Hi Ben, (guitar guru...)
I will wait doing this until it's a bit warmer outside, because winter has come "full speed" in Holland....
And I agree with you, that you need 5 hands, with on every hand 15 fingers to do some maintenance on a Hyundai, while there is in many situations only place for 1 hand with only one finger. (you may guess which one!!!)
And as we don't have Gremlins here, I have to do it myself, and that the reason we named it a DYI... rolleyes.gif
Dutch Elantra fan
Guess what.... I removed the dashboard and all cables, unscrewed the hvac unit, and found out that the lamp was OK.....
A lot of work, which also could be solved by hitting the control panel.
Anyway....I know now how it works for future mods.....

Tks all for your help!!!
Figures... all that work for nothing... I've been down that road a few too many times.

Glad it's working though.

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