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Full Version: Bought 2012--looking for rims
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Woodville rocket
Just bought a 2012 elantra gl Manuel. Love it so far. The only thing is it has steel rims. Looking for suggestions for rims for the car. I got the indigo blue car. Any suggestions would be great!!
Go 17".
I like chrome but most chrome wheels are just plated steel. I had an Infinity that had chrome plated mags. So go mags, lighter and stronger. The factory 17's are nice IMO. Black mags might look good with the indigo blue. Use google images or goto tire rack, discount tire or see your local dealer. Personally, I like to roll the tire/rim combo next to the car and stand back to look.
17's are the perfect size I agree. The cool thing with Tire Rack is you can see the tires on your car with their interactive system. And they will let you know what tires will fit properly (offet and such).

Click the "View on Vehicle" link to see them on your car.

It's hard to recommend a particular wheel for your car because it's so subjective. Here's a nice wheel (IMO) in 17" that's only $99 each.
Of course you'll need new tires too. cool.gif

Click to view attachment
Sport Edition F7

Another idea is to stick with 16" so you can use your stock tires and save money. The Sport Edition F7's come in 16" for only $85 each. biggrin.gif
Personally I'd stick with the 16" size. Cost per tire is usually less and I like the idea of a little more rubber between the road and the rims. Plus the 16" already has a pretty good look on the car, just in your case, some rims to brighten it up.
Very nice choice in color.I Like the blue alot. If you can, stick to 17s! I have 18s and there is a difference in launch and gas mileage. Then again my rims are fat pigs. Weighing 26 lbs ea. So that has to factor in as well.
You can go the OEM route too. Just about all other 5 lug Hyundai rims will work. Some people have Tiburon rims. I have 17" 2010 Azera rims.
Click to view attachment
Stick with the factroy tires, they ride much better than the 17" with rubber bands for tires.

I purchased a new Elantra Limited and left the dealership and went to NTB and got a set of 15" alloy wheels with 205X60X15 tires. I will store the rough riders until trade time then put an mew set of tires back on the car.

The 17" rough riders are subject to hydroplaneing worse than the 60 ratio tires.

It does not make sense to install 45 ratio rough riders on the top of the line car. It should be the best riding car.

On my review from Hyundai, I recommeded firing the idiot engineer who decided to install flat tires on the Limited!!!!!!


First, a point of clarification: the manual and steel rims would come with 15 inch tires, not 16 stock.

I have the stock 16s, and I have 15 inch winter tires. I don't notice a huge difference in ride, but then again, I have some urethane wheel cushions installed.

if it's for looks, 17s are great. If it's about ride and low cost of replacing tires, plus not having to replace tires the first time you buy rims, 15s are the way to go. A compromise would be 16 inch wheels and tires.

Like Mitch said, use TireRack's "View on your car" feature to see what things would look like. Here are my 15" winter wheels (full thread here)--alloy because they were on clearance and cheaper than steel). There's a lot of rubber, but it depends on what you're going for as far as looks are concerned.

Sorry to hear that you're unhappy with the ride in your new Elantra Texasjack. But it is different strokes for different folks. There's no simple rule as to what a car "should" have.

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