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Full Version: A Few Newbie Questions
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So my wife had bought this car a little while before we met. She bought it new, 2005 GLS with a manual tranny. It was bare bones everything. So I am now getting tired of driving this thing without cruise control. So the first question is:

1) Is all the wiring there for a stock cruise control unit and all I would need to get is the the actual unit for in the engine compartment and then the control unit that mounts to the column? If not, is there any particular aftermarket unit that people have had good luck with?

2) I HATE the rear drum brakes on these things, they are the BIGGEST PITA of any drum brakes I have ever worked with. How much work would it be to change over to the disc brakes that come on other models?

3) What is the timing belt change interval? What all is involved with changing the belt, i.e special tools, parts, time to change it?

Thanks a lot everyone.
First off, Welcome!!!!

As for your questions,

1: Not sure

2: Not sure

3: 60,000 miles is the interval. Look in the Wiki for a how to on how to do it, tools required etc. No real special tools needed (an impact gun is very helpful). Parts are timing belt, acc belts (3 total) and depending on mileage, possibly a waterpump and idler pulley.
Time to do it varies depending on experience and problems that may arise, but I can do it in under 3 hours now without hurrying.
Welcome to the club! I can't help you on the first 2 either, but I will second Blu's suggestion to check the wiki on the timing belt change. Impact tools would help a lot, as would a 10mm box end wrench with a big offset to get around the edge of the water pump pulley. After doing mine over the summer (and having to take everything apart 2.5 times in the process) I can tell you that those would've made the job 1,000,000 times easier.
Well, timing belt is on the FAST list of things to do! At about 110,000 and never been done.............
QUOTE (natemoen @ Dec 20 2011, 08:50 PM) *
Well, timing belt is on the FAST list of things to do! At about 110,000 and never been done.............

Indeed. I'd do all the accessory belts while you're at it (since they all come off in the process), and most folks around here will tell you get an OEM timing belt. I went with Gates, as they're the OEM belt manufacturer and usually 33% cheaper.
1) I have heard of people thinking about doing it, but it is very very very involved and expensive, and no one winds up doing it because of that so it hasn't actually been done that I've heard of.

2) The drum brakes on these really aren't that bad IMHO. But to each his own. I know there is a writeup somewhere on switching them. My car was 10 years old and had 101,000 miles on it, and still had about 50% of its meat left on the shoes.

3) As mentioned before here is a really good writeup on it: Timing Belt Replacement. 60k miles
When in there, how hard is it to do the crank and the cam seals as well?
Are they leaking?
QUOTE (silet @ Dec 22 2011, 01:25 PM) *
Are they leaking?

Indeed. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. This isn't like the water pump, where "since you're already there, might as well." Pulling anything beyond what you need for the timing belt job is just asking for a big ball of suck to land in your lap.
No leaks that I have seen, just figured I would ask.
Trade in for a 2012 GLS or Limited. Cruise, timing CHAIN and 4 wheel disk. And I must say, the 4 disk setup will put you through the windshield. Gotta brake like there's an egg under your right foot.
1. I'm not sure of, the spot for the module in the bay is there as is the spot on the steering wheel, but i don't know what else would be needed. Thats why i traded in my 05 for an 06 cause CC wound up being a must have on my list.

2. Shouldnt be too hard. I dont know if the knuckle for the drum is the same as the disc. If it is, then you just need to get calipers n pads for the rear plus rear discs, and maybe new brake lines for the rear. I'd personally recomend doing the Sonata brake upgrade as well when you do this. Gets you a larger brake up front.;hl=brake+swap

3. What others have said already. Get it changed!
Don't know bout CC, I went the other way and disabled it when switching throttle bodies

Someone HAS done a disc brake swap before (might have been on another site tho)

Timing belt is very involved yes, but VERy necessary, the consequences can be dire
My Original lasted around 100k but don't test it any further, hand and eye inspecti every oil change
I'm with the "might as well crowd"

Peace of mind since u already have to remove the belts and motor mount, the water pump aint too hard, my suggestion

If u plan on keeping car for a while, use the money you saved and buy the 3 pulley set from Ark!

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