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Full Version: Canadian 2012 Elantra L
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Hey everyone

I'm Adam. I'm from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

This is my Desert Bronze Elantra L.

My first brand new car ever, I love it!

I bought it after my first love broke down...

The only thing I'm annoyed by right now is the temperature gauge is still stuck in F and not C like I want...

Hopefully I'll learn lots as this is my first Hyundai!
Welcome to the club Adam. I really like that colour. Looks great on the Elantra.

You will find this place full of great people and great advice.

Nice to see another Canadian on here too.

We look forward to seeing you and your car.
Welcome! And as a fellow desert bronze owner I gotta say I'm partial to your car! We gotta stick together!
Wow! That Saturn's dropped.
Very nice -- Welcome, and keep us posted on your mods -- looks like you had fun with that Saturn.
welcome aboard not to far neighbor!
I loooOooOoooooove that color!

So sleeper
Plans so far are to keep it super clean.

Lower it and find fog lights.

I'll find rims in the summer smile.gif
Hey Adam.. nice looking machine there.

You should take a look at what Louiceman has just done with his foglights... mmm
Just got the same car and color and I love it smile.gif
Welcome to the club fellow Canuck!
Not much done to it so far as the nice weather has only begun.

I had the windows tinted by my friends at Xtreme Inc. in Cambridge, On.

And that's how it sits so far, plans for the summer and rims and moar low.

Do meets ever happen? It'd be nice to meet up with some fellow Elantras!

2012 Car of the Year!!!!
Welcome. I just joined the club recently, though I've had to car for much longer. I'm in Kitchener too. You should get plenty out of your Elantra. I bought mine new 11 years ago - still going strong...
Welcome to the club! Nice choice for a new ride!
QUOTE (OEM_Elantra @ Mar 19 2012, 09:15 PM) *
Do meets ever happen? It'd be nice to meet up with some fellow Elantras!

There is a meet in Ontario in May:

18's and GT inspired front...

Needs more low...
Love what you've done so far.
Looks slick and you are right it does need "more low"

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