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Full Version: My 2000 RD2
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This is my 2000 Elantra GLS
Bought Feb 2011 with 147,212 miles now at 164,902

First picture from when I got it.

Wheels before paint.

After paint.

This is how it looks now.

Clear was peeling, so I painted the mirrors with leftover paint.

Interior. Picture is old, I now have a short shifter, 1994 J1 knob and 4th gen Camaro shift boot.

Engine bay before:

Elantra with puppy and new wheels.

After buffing
yay!!! you used the correct chassis code!!

looks good considering how old it is.
Welcome to EC. Car looks good, oldie but goodie.
Awesome... Major potential sleeper..

Rd2? Its not J2? I thought rd's were tibbys..
That's a clean looking J2.
Thanks guys. I will put newer/better pictures up soon.

QUOTE (Cite 3 @ Nov 16 2011, 10:14 AM) *
Awesome... Major potential sleeper..

Rd2? Its not J2? I thought rd's were tibbys..

I thought mine was a RD2, idk you might be right.
That is a very nice and clean looking ride! Especially the engine bay! I recall a girl having this model and it was tore up. She had it new and just let it get bad. I was like wow. Yet your car could sell for a very decent price if you decided to sell her. Good work!
QUOTE (2000J25SP @ Nov 16 2011, 01:32 PM) *
I thought mine was a RD2, idk you might be right.

Maybe it's documented elsewhere here, but I was curious (thought someone who knew would post) so I investigated. It was just bugging me, although in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter.

J1 = First Generation, 1990-95
RD/J2 = Second Generation, 1996-97
RD2/J3 = 2nd Gen, Facelift, 1998-2000

Someone put the following text into the wikipedia page, but I cannot find where Hyundai "clearly states" it.

Hyundai clearly states that the 1996-98 elantra is an RD NOT a J2. The same goes for the facelifted 1999-2000 version. It's has the chassis code of RD2 NOT J3. Information can be seen on Hyundai's online technical site,

On the hmaservice website though, they list it as the RD. I would think that, given the major difference between the J1 and RD, that RD/RD2 would be the more appropriate to use.

The Tiburon was RC or GK.
Red Elantra GT
Hey-nice pics of your car. It is in very nice shape. Pride of ownership!
I'm going to get some new wheels, cold air intake, headers, 19mm tib sway bar.
I would like to drop it about an inch. Relocate the battery to the trunk. I might repaint it after I'm done with some other projects at the shop. I'm thinking a slightly deeper green and without the pearl in it.
Nice! I removed the resonantor on my 99 and it sounded pretty cool.
I relocated the coolant overflow tank to where the washer fluid tank used to be.

Interesting... why did you take out the windshield washer?
Going for a nice and clean engine bay look? Like some of those custom rides.
QUOTE (sarge @ Oct 15 2012, 10:01 AM) *
Going for a nice and clean engine bay look? Like some of those custom rides.

Yeah, but I don't want to take it that far. The passenger side is about done. I will probably move the clutch fluid reservoir lower so it's less visible. I might get a cai and a smaller/lighter battery...

Sorry about the mess, I really need to clean it out sometime. signs16.gif

Car jumped timing. It looked like this for quite awhile.

I got another head for $60 with warranty, pulled it off a '97 1.8 Tib. The valves are still good. It really needs cleaned.

Hot tanked and resurfaced.

Had to rebuild the lifters. Then installed.

I used Felpro Head gasket and head bolts. Car has been running great for several months now with no problems.
Red Elantra GT
Hey-The "mess" is really well organized. Hope your repair work is successful!
Installed the cylinder head, torqued head bolts, lined up the timing marks, installed timing belt, rechecked timing 37 times, installed everything else, added coolant...

Put key in ignition [drumroll] turned key...

Car turns over but doesn't start. F*@&
It's dark outside now, so I will mess with it more in the morning.

Did you give it a chance to establish fuel pressure? Good job getting it put together, otherwise.
Yes I put the key in the on position for a couple minutes so the fuel would pressurize.
I got the car to start, but it runs rough. The head gasket leaks very badly. There's white smoke coming from the tailpipe, it leaks from the side of the motor too.

School starts tomorrow, and it's 25 miles away sad.gif

Ohh geez. sad.gif
Ack! Head gaskets can definitely be a pain, and you *REALLY* have to make sure you torque the head down just right. Hope you can get it sorted.
Updated pictures.
So you got the head gasket fixed?
Yes it's fixed. The first head gasket change was half assed. Reused head bolts, cheap Auto 7 head gasket (I was broke at the time) And it turned out a bunch of the lifters were seized up. So some of the valves couldn't close all the way. The car would barely start afterwords.
2nd time around I used a Felpro head gasket and bolts (Oem is first choice but I didn't have time for them to order one) I cleaned the rebuilt the lifters. I also bought a torque degree gauge to find 60* instead of eyeballing it.
The car has been running great for several months now.
I bought some brand new Tibby pedal covers on Ebay for $13.15 with free shipping.

They don't look as good in a beige interior... Oh well.

The gas pedal is a different shape on my J2 so It doesn't hold on to the pedal quite as strongly. The XD/GK accelerator pedal bolts right on, so next time I'm at the junk yard I'll get one.
Yep, that's what I did.

That's a good looking car. I like That ( probably because it was my first Hyundai ) Body style . Your definitely improving it.
Ya i miss my rd thing....
QUOTE (TJVJR @ Jun 16 2013, 12:06 AM) *
That's a good looking car. I like That ( probably because it was my first Hyundai ) Body style . Your definitely improving it.

Thank you. Like I said on the other forum, I like yours better!!!
TJVJR's Elantra:
You guys are going to make me cry. Both of your cars are better than mine was.
Thanks! It could have been a bit lower but it was a good ol car. Yours is sooo much cleaner overall. A lot of attention to detail.
Thanks man.
looks good
Sold my 15x7s. Bought 14x6 American Racing Estrella AR95 14.7lbs (14x5.5 steelies are 18lbs) No curb rash with good tires, $150.

Car is on a big hill, causing massive wheel gap in front.
Looks good. Now lower it.
Looking good!
looks really good!!

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