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Full Version: Pulsing brake pedal
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Wow! My first post. Thanks to all who contribute - I've gleaned a lot of helpful info already. My problem:
When I apply the brakes, the pedal pulsates, and I've noticed that the car wants to veer to the left (when I'm cruising). I looked at the wheels (all disc brakes), and it appears that the rotor on front driver's side has uneven "wear" (not shiny all round). Would this and the pulsating pedal indicate warped rotor? If so, what else could it be?
Thanks again
Welcome to the club! Yeah, sounds like a warped rotor to me.

The brakes on these cars are susceptible to warping.

The Gegenator
One way to help identify the program is the chalk the car, put the e-brake on, and jack up the front end (or do it side by side). Make sure the car is in neutral, and then spin the wheel. If it grabs, then frees up, grabs, etc... then that's where your pulse is coming from (and would likely mean a rotor).

If your car is pulling to the left, that could mean your caliper is sticking and is applying more brake than the other side (which would result in excessive heat, thus warping the rotor). The other cause could be a faulty brake hose (the rubber one from the caliper). If the rubber starts to give out on the inside of the hose, then sometimes the fluid will not release properly which can cause the caliper to be over-active. If your caliper pins move freely and everything is lubricated, then you should consider replacing the brake hose...

As for front vs back brakes... you're right- if you feel it in the pedal, its the front, and if not... usually the back!

Sorry, that's probably WAY more information than you needed or wanted... I tend to ramble at 2:30am.... tongue.gif

ROFL ^ ... welcome to the club..

I agree..sounds like a warped rotor
Thanks for the welcome, ppl. Especially to therockf150 for the tips on zeroing in. Will try as soon as I get time (and level ground tongue.gif ). And what, may I ask elantraGT5Speed, would cause you to ROFL wink.gif
Sally, I think he's LOL'ing at the...

I tend to ramble at 2:30am....

Sally, I hope you come back on and confirm what the problem is/was. Sounds like a warped rotor.

Which begs the question, why?

Usually warped rotors are caused by overtight lug nuts. Without having looked in the manual, my guess is 75ft/lbs of torque should be applied to each lug nut. A torque wrench should always be used on lug nuts. Make sure your favorite local tire store have color coded sockets on their air guns.
When I bought the first new skins for the SUV, the tard at Les Schwab over tightened the lugs. Instant brake wobble. 2 weeks later my brakes were shot. It took a 4' breaker bar to bust the lug nuts loose and the rotors were so warped they would not turn them. (their service has gone to crap. Fired LS a long time ago.)

These are torque limiting sockets.

Another possible cause of warped rotors is from parking with the emergency brake on when the rotors are hot. Just avoid the parking brake after rally racing.

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