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Full Version: 2012 Steering Upgrade
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Hello all! I am seriously considering a new Elantra LTD. I have rented a number of 2011 Elantra's and would like to know if anyone has felt the difference in the recalibrated steering on the 2012 compared to the 2011.
QUOTE (Artimus @ Sep 28 2011, 11:15 PM) *
Hello all! I am seriously considering a new Elantra LTD. I have rented a number of 2011 Elantra's and would like to know if anyone has felt the difference in the recalibrated steering on the 2012 compared to the 2011.

I don't know about any difference but go for it, the LTD is worth the extra money!!! I love it!
QUOTE (Artimus @ Sep 28 2011, 11:15 PM) *
Hello all!

Welcome! Glad to see you here and considering the opinions of our members!

Feel free to stick around, update your profile and share the process.
If and when you do go through with the purchase!

Greetings to you the rest of the EC Board!

Your post may be referencing the same issue about which I am wondering. I am also new to EC and considering a 2012 Elantra, mine would be a manual tranny GLS. I have rented a couple 2011 Elantras, really liked the car with the exception of the steering. First rental was on a windy day so I wrote-off steering/tracking being due to a small/light car. Second time was no wind and noticed at Hywy speeds (70-80mph) the straight-line tracking would drift left/right. When I compensated the steering (it took more effort than expected, as if it were "sticking") the car would over-compensate. Normal linear/minor fine-tuning of the steering/car direction was not possible.

I tried to Search the Forum and did not see this issue posted. Is this normal Elantra electric power steering performance, or was it that particular rental car? Is this showing up on the 2012s? (I am looking at doing a 2012 test drive this w/e.) I noticed that the OEM tires were Hankook, never had them and thought that might be a factor. This is a car that I will be using for long business trips (400-1200 miles/week) and I do NOT want to deal with that type of steering idiosyncrasy on a brand new car! Any thoughts, similar experiences. Thanks!


I bought a 2012 LTD three weeks ago- have already put 1400 miles on it. I didn't notice the issue with the 2011 I test drove a few months ago, but my husband did comment that I was constantly bearing right a bit on our recent trip. We discovered this was just due to sensitive steering and that I tend to drive only with my left hand, and even just the little imbalance on the steering wheel was causing me to bear very slightly right. Both hands on the wheel- problem solved. I've just noticed it is very sensitive- even husband commented that it's more touchy than his Mercedes. This just made it so that I got to drive my new car more than he did on the trip - no arguments there!
same issue withmy 2012 ltd, but its something i'm getting used to already. but it did feel really odd the first few drives.
Hello to everyone,

I bought my '12 Limited Elantra last July and I am pleased with it, I have few minor complains but this kind of handling is really bothering me. It is robbing me of the pleasure to enjoy driving it.

It would drift left or right and when I try to compensate it to the other direction the car would over compensate it (just like Willib said). It is nearly impossible to drive it in a straight line.

Has anyone asked their dealer about this problem? And what did they do to fix this problem? Did they cover the expenses for it? Or has anyone upgraded their steering/suspension system just to fix problem.

And BTW, this is one of things I do not want to get use to.

Only had my base Elantra on the 4-lane a couple times, but haven't noticed that at all. Is very tight and responsive. Very sensitive to the touch, but no wandering. It does wander if the road is sloped right or left, but I would expect that.

I have read at a couple sites that it is suppose to be smart an compensate for changing road conditions, I wonder if that part of yours is working a bit too well.
Only have ~ 150 miles on the new ltd. Read this post the other day and focused on the steering/handling. Conclusion: IDKWTF you guys are talking about. Having just got rid of a behemoth SUV with shot upper/lower ball joints, all I can say is this thing tracks straight and true as an arrow. No slop in the wheel. I hear an odd whistle kinda noise. Lots of road noise. You must be traveling on rutted roads or fighting a crosswind. It is possible you are out of alignment or have a bad strut. Not gonna rule out that some folks get hyper picky when it comes to new cars. It's a $20k econobox. Not a $60k Mercedes. Enjoy it for what it is.

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