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Full Version: Anyone got a pick-up truck?
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Well, here it is, moving week.

On Thursday, I take possession of my new apartment, and I have a couple of large items which cannot fit inside an Elantra.

Fridge, queen-sized bed, a painting, a desk, a chair, and two tables. Everything else, I can pretty much transport myself. Anything else you carry will just make my move that much quicker. smile.gif

If there is anyone among you in the greater Los Angeles area willing to volunteer your services, I will provide pizza and beverages. Please PM me for details. Thanks!
Good luck with the move!

I was able to move my entire life from Miami to Delaware with the Elantra, and I am going to be doing it again in December.

Well, this is just ten miles down the same stretch of road, so it should go... fairly quickly. smile.gif
Good luck with the move! I start my move tonight. Going to be doing a load a night in the car, then Saturday have a uHaul trailer as the in-laws are bringing some more furniture.

If no one can help you out, you could just rent a uHaul van for a few hours - though would most likely cost more than pizza and drinks. smile.gif
I'd help you both.... but you both are a wee-bit of a drive!
Toronto is hella closer to you than SoCal, Bob... tongue.gif

But I managed to secure a pickup today. My manager in Fullerton owns an F-150, and he's letting me run it into the ground borrow it on Thursday... smile.gif
queen sized bed straps to the roof of your car, no problems... I've seen it done here...
Console TVs in a Pinto as well laugh.gif

No need. But I am renting a handtruck for the fridge.

I figure two, maybe three trips, and it's a local move.
have fun with the fridge. If you're doing the mattress in the back, put some weight on it, or tie it down. Even local trips can get some wind up under... if I didn't have straps over my mattress when I moved it in the back of my brothers pickup I would've lost it... and I never even hit the highway!

just to hi-jack a little smile.gif
day 3 of moving in... Monday a car-load with Laura, Tuesday morning half a load before work, lastnight my tools and stuff, and a packed hatch by myself, this morning half a load in between work(school) and the office, waiting for Laura to come home before doing another load. Soooo many boxes!! Nice thing is if we keep this up, when Saturday comes it'll just be furniture, winter tires and a Fiero decklid.

Can you still pay your manager in pizza and drinks?
Lord, I wish I could! My rent would be almost free! She lives on-site with her husband and two of her boys, so I know pizza would be popular there.

I think it's good enough she reduced the rent from the offered rate... tongue.gif

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