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Xion SRT10Z

I'm a newcomer in case you had not noticed (lol). My name is Xion and well, I stumbled across this place when looking for performance parts for my Elantra. I figured I'd join and see if I can cash in on some juicy useful info.
Anywho, here is a bit about me and my Elantra.

-=My Brief background story=-

I'm currently twenty one, and when I was younger I was saving up money and looking for a decent yet affordable car I could roll around in. Just like all other young people, I was looking for something "Sporty" that would turn heads... but I was only working with $2000. And unlike others around my age, I didn't have any help from parents or family members. Anyways, I stumbled across this Silver Elantra this Arab guy was trying to sell for $1,500. When I asked why the price was so low, he told me what anyone would call a "Typical scam story"; "oh I need the money to go back overseas". Still though, I had a mechanic come out and check it from bumper to bumper and he found NOTHING wrong with it. I instantly snatched up this offer smile.gif

The first couple months with this baby was great! It had much more pickup and go than my dads old beatup Saturn wagon, though it was no sports car. Everything with this car was great until i made a decision that changed my opinion of this car all together. I got involved in the racing scene. It was fun at first, but that all started to change when you begin loosing a lot because of all the newer cars outperforming you (Keep in mind that at this point I was completely stock and had no idea about aftermarket parts). At this point, I wanted to sell my car.

As I got older though, I began to realize that I don't need to sell my car and get a faster one if I want more power, I just need to work on what I already have. Also after market pieces are expensive, however much cheaper than buying a whole new car I'm sure. So I believe I'm going in the right direction here. smile.gif

-=My Modification thus far=-

-Tinted Windows. 15% in front. 5% in back
-Black Wheel Covers
-Black Neon light in back window.
- in dash CD/DVD player Folded in Flipped out
- 10" Boss Trunk speakers and Sub

Those are all the mods I have thus far (Yes I know they are lightweight modifications), but I plan on doing a LOT more with this car. However the problem is that I'm not sure what I should do as far as performance goes. I want to add lots of hp if its possible. And I was hoping to get that info from someone here who has already modded their Elantra. Anyways, feel free to send me a message with some advise, or e-mail me. smile.gif
Welcome! The best mods for our cars are handling mods, as it is tough to get more out of the engine without spending big bucks. You should consider getting an OEM rear sway bar from an older Tiburon (do a search on the forum for details) as it is the most worthwhile mod. (I haven't done mine yet huh.gif )

You should consider buying some lighter wheels, every bit of lessened rotational mass will help.

You can put on cold air intake, or upgrade the exhaust for a couple HP, but you'll need a turbo for any real power boast, but based on what I've read here and on the "other" forum, the limited turbo options aren't great, and have resulted in a few blown engines.
Hey Xion - welcome to the club!!

What type of racing are you getting into? Track, Auto-X, Drag?
You've got a great machine to start with, though adding more power is gonna cost ya... not gonna lie. Do you have a budget/goal?
I'd take a look into the NGM Supercharger kit for your engine - NGM Supercharger Stage 1. You could also look into Turbos, but they seem to cause a little more grief.

Another thing is to get some nice lightweight rims with performance tires. Match that up with some H&R or Eibach springs along with some KYB struts and you'll be flying around corners. Also add in the Tiburon GT 19mm rear swaybar... prolly do that one first

Take a look through the whole site, almost everything has been covered.
Gotta love a new member that not only posts but makes a great first post! Welcome. thumbsup.gif

I think the way to go with this car is do some mild power mods and beef up the suspension. That'll give you an awesome daily driver.

Racing though, (beyond AutoX) is probably not this car's strong suit.
Intake, catback, suspension, wheels/tires. THat order. MAkes the car fun. It will never be a race car, no matter how much we want it to be. The Little Beta II in these are almost tapped out for power stock. Most N/A mods don't yield more than about 10-12hp combined at the wheels. Forced Induction can yeild more power but at a higher cost.

What kind of "racing" do you do (*please don't say street racing*please don't say street racing)? Depending on type of racing will determine the type of mods you can/should do. In a lot of cases the "bigger mods" put you into classes that you have no chance in.

Lastly... welcome!
Welcome to the club, and thanks for filling in you location!! You are a role model for most newcomers...
thumbsup.gif Good first post. Welcome to the club. It's a wealth of information. Also a lot of good laughs. Also if you do the mods bob posted it can be quite an impressive little car. That will shock and awe some of the Hon-duh owners. But like bob said it isn't made to be a race car. I can be quick and competitive though.
Welcome man! I pretty much echo what everyone else has stated. I think putting in my CAI in my elantra was my favorite mod. It looked nice when the hood was popped and it sounded sweet when I accelerated. Won't add a huge power increase, but a little extra umphh when you start out. While I was putting in the intake I painted my engine cover and fuse cover blue (I had a tidal wave blue Elantra). Blue would look sweet on a silver car too!

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