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Hey guys, my names Kyle I'm 18 and my 2009 Elantra SE (Blue/Grey) is the first car I've ever owned. I never really had an interest in cars until I finally got one of my own, but now I'm very excited to see how I can upgrade and alter my car. I don't really know what to say just expect to see me around the forums!

One quick question and I couldn't seem to find an answer with the search engine: my parents tell me that I should take it very slow in my car for the first at least 500 miles. Just so I can break in the engine a little bit. Now, I'm not calling my parents liars, but I don't know if this holds true to todays standard of cars. Can anybody confirm or deny this? Thanks a lot, I really look forward to being active on this forum.
yeah you would like to take it slow for a while they do need some break in time
welcome to the club tho
^ There's different schools of thought on that. I was brought up with the "break it in like you're goingto drive" it mentality. Has been working well for the last 5 new cars. My '02 Elantra is a 111k HARD miles and still chugging along fine
haha yeah i guess it what ever you see is best im kinda like you bob i would have a hard time driving 500 miles without putting the hammer down once in a while
Hey Kyle - welcome to the club!

never having bought a new car, I really don't know about what's best there. I'd say don't completely tromp on it for the first little bit, mainly so you can get used to the handling and driving styles of the car.
Welcome Kyle ! I'm a new FL member as well ! I looked in the owner's manual for my '09 Elantra and as far as the break-in process it says that no special break-in period is needed. It does list a few precautions for the first 600 miles:

Do not race the engine
While driving, keep your RPM's between 2,000 and 4,000
Do not maintain a single speed, fast or slow, for long periods of time
Avoid hard stops, except in emergencies
Do not let the engine idle longer than 3 minutes at one time
Don't tow a trailer during the first 1,200 miles
Welcome man! I've always taking it a little easier the first couple hundred miles, but it probably isn't a necessity. That being said I'd rather err on the side of caution. Plus it gives you a chance to "feel" your car out before you start pushing its limits. Anyway, welcome to the club and make yourself at home! Check out our excellent garage and some of the other neat features here (reviews, wiki, blogs, etc. . . . ) And if you're ready to take the step and upgrade to a subscriber which helps keep this site going there is an awesome arcade (just don't knock me out of the top 3 biggrin.gif )
welcome to the club! where is coconut creek anyways?

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