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Full Version: power steering problem on new car
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PaulK Houston TX

New here. I just got my new Elantra GLS yesterday, and already have a couple problems with it. Just traded in a cash for clunker car...hope the Elantra is not another clunker. Just kidding. Very nice car, but I am experiencing an odd problem with the power steering. When turning or going around curves, I notice a very pronounced sawing back and forth motion on the steering wheel, like it is pulsing back and forth. I know it has electric PS, is this normal with elec. PS?

Also speedo seems to be sticking, or lagging and not accurate. Can be going 70 or better, and indicates 60 and lags when slowing down, like it is sticking or something. I know it is under warranty, and will be taking it in to have these problems diagnosed, but just wondering if the pulsing sensation is normal feeling with the elec. PS?
First of all... Welcome! smile.gif

I too have a new Elantra and absolutely love the car! I have not experienced the PS issue nor speedo issue you describe. Usually a rocking motion in the wheel at slow speeds indicates an out of round tire. I would double check all of the tire pressures first- all of mine were way off- bad PDI by the dealer.

If pressures are fine- I would take it back to the dealer and have them check it out.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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