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Full Version: Can a 2nd gen engine be easily dropped in a 3rd gen?
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US model - my friend's '02 had a major engine failure, and I've found a '96 engine. Is this a simple swap (as far as engine swaps go), or are their compatibility issues?

I'd say keep a look out for the proper generation. You'll have a couple sensors that I believe are different.
There was someone recently that did something similar, and ran into some wiring/sensor issues.
I'm sure someone else can elaborate more. By my vote would be to keep your eyes open for an XD/XD2 or GK Tiburon - they all use the Beta 2.0... though even that there will be differences with the XD/XD2 being the MAF/MAP sensor at least.

If you're wanting a real swap grab a Sonata engine and have some fun. Or even a Gen Coupe 2.0Turbo biggrin.gif

Oh - also.... Welcome!!
Sensors are different as well as the wiring harnesses are different (as well as the ECU). The 1st gen motor uses a MAF sensor while the 2nd gen uses a MAP sensor. As far as bolt up, I know the exhaust manifolds on the 2nd gen motor bolt up to the 3rd gen engine head, but the intake manifolds may not bolt up. The head on the 1st gen is different than the 2nd gen. Block is the same. Actually, the 96 would be the 1st gen beta engine. The 02 would be the 2nd gen. Before that, the Elantra used the 2nd gen Mitsubishi 1.8 liter.
BIGGEST difference is the 96 is a 1.8, the 02 is a 2.0.
Thanks for the info.

He's leaning (pretty hard) toward scrapping the '02 and buying a new car. I hate to see that happen.
scrapping a car for a 400 dollar motor????

Everything is fine with the vehicle except the motor? makes no sense
Neither does the cash4clunkers thing of turning in a paid for car with no payment and going 10's of thousands in debt. But then again I'm not part of the sheeple.
meh thats a new topic and Mitch doesn't have the bandwith available for my tirades on that stupid ass program
AHA! We do agree on something. laugh.gif

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