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Full Version: 2000 Elantra Help A/C Noise
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Hi to all. I am having a A/C noise problem with my wifes 2000 Elantra. As soon as you turn on the A/C I start hearing a rather annoying noise in the engine compartment and it seems to put alot of drag on the motor.I put new belt on but did not help.Any ideas??
Also as of just 2 or 3 days ago she is having problems with the blower in the car sometimes it works sometimes not.I pulled the electronic connectors off and put them back on hoping something was loose it came on but later it was doing the same thing again.I tappedthe blower motor and it kicked right on.


Might be needing one of these.
Is everything else working as in heat, circulation, etc? you might need a new HVAC unit too. Also can you describe the noise in a little more detail. All A/C will put an extra load on the engine, if your engine needs new plugs/ plug wires/ oil change, etc the load might be more noticeable.
i have a 2000 Elantra(38k when i bought it-120k now) also and mine has always had a small rattle,hasn't got any worse-noise doesn't change with ac on or off,however recently when i run the ac and for a wile after i turn it off the car is very sluggish.Ive done a complete tune up and no difference.are you having similar problems?uhh...i got a little off topic there,it does sound like when your compressor engages its putting to much of a load on the engine-could be low refrigerant or the compressor itself.i had a blower motor once that had to be "jarred"for it to work-turned out to be the connections inside the blower motor case. question.gif

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