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Full Version: Transponder Keys for 2007 Elantra
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Hi there. Here in Australia a 2007 Elantra key will be $250 + from an Hyundai dealer.
I brought a genuine Hyundai blank for $40 including air post from Korea on EBay.
2007 Elantras here have the transponder keys, on the Smartra immobliser system.
I can get the key cut for $5 but need to "introduce" the key to the car, which apparently is
the expencive part.
Does any one know this proceedure ?
Regards .......Tom
yes the procedure is so damn simple its laughable

but you are s.o.l. my friend, you need a scan-tool from HMA and I mean Australia this time lol

You need the Hyundai GDS to do it correctly. It takes about 20 minutes for the tool to teach the ECU the ID of the new ley; and you can only program 2 keys into the system. When you do one key, and have the spare key not with you, you are sol for the spare key because during the learning mode, what was programmed into the ECU is erased during a new program/teaching process.
Thanks guys for that information.
Turns out I got the blank key cut to the key code (not copied from the existing key)
And then had to cough up 50 bucks for my local Hyundai dealer to aquaint the car with the keys.
However one dealer wanted $400 + for the supply and cut and program.
Sounds a bit like printers where they sell them cheap and recover costs by what they charge for the ink cartridge.

Thanks again....tommyG

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