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First post on this forum. My daughter has a 2005 Elantra GT (over 75,000 miles with no problems!) which I share a joint title with. She just moved back home so now we have enough vehicles in our driveway to start a used car lot. The problem is we need to have the ability to move any of the cars around to allow others to come and go; however, if the Elantra was locked using the clicker, using a spare key to open it causes the alarm to activate (not a surprise to this fourm I'm sure). What have other owners done to get around this? Any help on this subject would be great! Thanks!

A.) Don't use the remote to lock the car.

B.) if i goes off, insert key into ignition, turn to "ON" (NOT start) and wait 30-60 seconds.
Thanks for the help! At least now I can shut it off if I have to use the spare key.

Isn't there a way to disable this feature? Do not want to rely on someone not using the remote, and waiting 30 seconds for the alarm to shut off is not really practical at 5am. I'm not very popular at home as it is!!

Thanks, Scott
Take away the remote clickers when everybody is asleep.

How many remotes do you have? If you have two, keep one set in the house on a key ring and then your daughter can have the other one. That way if the remote is used to lock it, you can use this spare to unlock it. For the other people driving the car, they just would have to use the key to unlock and lock the door.

I'm not sure if you can disable the feature?

Welcome to the club! happy-wavehello6.gif
QUOTE (Bobzilla @ Jan 25 2009, 12:21 PM) *
A.) Don't use the remote to lock the car.

B.) if i goes off, insert key into ignition, turn to "ON" (NOT start) and wait 30-60 seconds.

I don't believe B works with Elantras after 2003.
Why doesn't she just lock the car via the door power lock when at home? Doing this will not activate the alarm.
What if you disable the hood position switch? Does it sound the alarm, or does it just lock the doors and leave the alarm unarmed?
(Of course the car would then not have an anti-theft alarm ever)
the only thing I could think of would to be wire in switch and hide it somewhere on the car to disable to alarm using a pulse to the ETACS.

other than that, disconnect the alarm siren or disconnect the ground from the drivers door (disable anti-theft)

Teach daughter to not use key fob to lock car in driveway with 100 other cars?



I know, go through the trunk!

just create a parking hierarchy...everyone gets their assigned position in the driveway by means of when their car is likely to get moved. For 3-5 days a week this is sure to help with the problem. The person that is leaving first should not be parking at the front. Maybe its time to say goodbye to a nice section of green grass and start parking off the side of the driveway....

Then there is always cruel punishment. Like, you came home last night at 12am and parked in your mom who has to leave for work...go move your car...about 2 mornings of going to bed after 12am and getting up at 5am to run out and move the car will fix it!

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