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I appoligize for this drunken question but what is the difference in XD and GT or GLS.
no problem mr munchies... (420 .. haha... Puff was the DRAGONS NAME FOCKER....)

XD refers to all 01 and Up Elantras with the 2.0 Beta

GT is fully loaded, only difference performance wise is cam profile and suspension... 02-03 GT's were hatches only...

GLS can come with most of the GT's standard options, but remains lighter than the GT, so most people say it will win in the 1320...

"its some kind of sculpture".
AAAHHH thank you thankyou very much. signs-hehe.gif signs-hehe.gif
so a cam switch might need to be put on my list of need to do.
XD is the general bodycode for 2001+ Elantras. More specifically, the 2001-2003 are XD and 2004+ are XD2.

The GLS is the base model. Base is hardly a word for it because it comes with power everything and air conditioning.

The GT is a package that includes: wider alloy rims, stiffer suspension, 4-wheel disc brakes, black trim pieces, foglamps, different grille, leather interior, upgraded stereo, 6 speakers (4 main+2 tweeters in doors), different gauge cluster w/ trip computer, cruise control, leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting...

wider alloy rims, stiffer suspension, foglamps, and leather was the only noticable diffrence i saw on my 05 gls vs gt
Cams are the same. Both engines are identical. Sway bars are around 1-2 mm different and trimmings.
what about the advent badge people add on to their cars
cams are the same? i thought someone on hyundaiperformance said GT cams had a different duration degree...

even if the cams are or not, the HP rating is the same.

oh.. in korea the elantra is called Avante.

its KDM thing... just like those "JDM" honda badges for integras.
03 the Gt came in hatch and Sedan,several of us have sedans
Another abbreviation cleared up for newbies:

KDM = Korean Domestic Market
JDM = Japanese Domestic Market
what's DTM ?
I now for sure the cams were the same from 01-03. As for the cvvt motors I don't know. I left the stealer in august of last year so I'm not up to speed on the new ones anymore. I do miss having the inside scoop, but this dealer is a much happier and better place to be for me.
For 2004 hatch was only available in GT trim.
My 2005 GT also has traction control, but no sunroof. I beleive this was a mid-year switch.
It might be a difference between the US and Canadian versions as well.
Last time I checked the US versions had leather seating available as well, which is no longer available on the Canadian ones.
leather sucks in summer.
As per my conversation with Hyundai Canada - the first shipment of GTs from Korea to Canada did not include TCS and sunroof as a standard feature. Every unit since has included it as standard features.

Although I am suspicous about the TCS as my car lacks a button below the trip computer as listed in the manual.

There are 2 Hyundai dealers in the city of 400,000 I live in, the first one I went to was trying to get me in a GT w/o sunroof and ABS. I would have considered it, but he wouldn't budge on price - he wanted more than the other dealers who were quoting on the new models. One of his attempts to get me into included "But, it has a spoiler; you like spoilers right?" He claimed the spoiler was worth $800 - I asked him why cost was ~$300 and he said that it came unpainted. I laughed out loud - $500 to paint a spoiler. Needless to say he didn't get the deal.
$500 to paint a spoiler sounds reasonable. materials $100. Labor $75/Hr, Each coat is 1 Hour, 4 coats... 1 Clear coat... $25 prep...

although i am joking, some one some where has probably heard that before.
QUOTE (Cite 3 @ May 31 2005, 12:32 PM)
$500 to paint a spoiler sounds reasonable. materials $100. Labor $75/Hr, Each coat is 1 Hour, 4 coats... 1 Clear coat... $25 prep...
although i am joking, some one some where has probably heard that before.

Paint is not cheap. An average cost for materials for a car the size of an Elantra is about $1,237 for a gallon each of base and clear, plus a gallon of primer, a gallon of sealer, a couple or 3 gallons of thinner/reducers, the catalysts for each of the primer, base and clear paints and a gallon of sealer.

I charge $35.00 an hour for labor. For a spoiler, it would take me at least 4 hours to do the basecoat and at least another hour to do the clear. Prep time is about 2 hours, 1 to do the initial prep and another on the final prep.
QUOTE (Cite 3 @ May 25 2005, 01:13 PM)
02-03 GT's were hatches only...

I've seen 03 GT sedans. confused-scratchhead3.gif blink.gif sarcastic-looky.gif sarcastic-looky.gif
mr Guthrie has schooled me.
i'm almost on empty... where do i put the vaseline in my car???

thats a stupid question.
speaking of stupid people and stupid questions, my soon to be ex wife said this a few days ago," I think im going to get a cool pet. Maybe a monkey, their so cute and cool. Do They have to be in car seats if you driving around?" ohmy.gif Darwin is slacking here I think. biggrin.gif
I bought a GT because it was $600 more than the GLS equipped with the stereo upgrade package. Seemed like a deal to me. No matter how you slice it, the Elantra is a great car at a great price. I mean a Honda Civic LX 1.7l 5 speed is about $14,200 at invoice.
Dear my... You filthy mongral..... lol

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