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Full Version: My first time trial event
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This time trial wasn't on a road course. Rather it was at the same location many autocross events are held in Mineral Wells. It's popular because there's a ton of space out there and it's a cheap site to rent.

The basic idea is this:
- Limit registration to just 15 people.
- Set up cones for a temporary medium/high speed course with some sweepers and S-turns.
- Allow just 1 driver on the course at a time.
- Allow the driver to make 3 consecutive laps.
- The fastest time counts.

That's how the organizer of the event had set it up and thus a new club was born: Texas Time Trials.

By the end of the day I had run 9 laps total and held 2nd place in my class. I was really close to getting first place though, just a hundredth of a second away. Yep, 0.01 seconds. And then my brother got the fastest time of the day in his Z06 on R-compounds. The top times went something like this:

350 hp+ class
57.63 - My brother in his Z06

250-350 hp class
58.01 - Another STI owner
58.02 - Me in my STI

It was an exciting day though. The surface was in horrible condition with gravel everywhere so it felt almost like a rallycross event. My car was sliding and oversteering like crazy so I had to learn where to be aggressive and where to let up. I had many moments where I almost spun, but managed to keep it together -- all of that Richard Burns Rally-ing is paying off I guess. tongue.gif

I think I have some good video from the event that I'll try to upload tonight. And I may be able to get my hands on some pictures too.
That's really exciting, sounds like a lot of fun. Congrats on doing DAMNED well! smile.gif Seriously, that sounds like it would be a blast to do - not something I would do regularly, but definitely something fun to do once in a while.
Thanks. Yeah I'll try to compile some of the exciting moments and put them into the video and as usual I'll put my fastest run in there too. One of those moments sticks with me because my car was rotating and sliding and I had to do some funny things with the throttle and steering to keep it in line as it was losing, gaining, losing, and re-gaining traction.
A couple pics...

(missing that apex by a mile as I start to slide towards the camera man)

(at least I kept it together...)
That second shot looks like it was made to be a desktop wallpaper.
The video:
Looking good man. That is definitely a slow course for an Elantra with all those sweepers and straights.
Very cool!

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