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Full Version: Finished with Autocross
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After a lot of soul searching, I have decided that I am finished with autocross. There is only so much time and money in ones life, and I no longer have the room for both autocross and motorcycling, and I have found that I get much more enjoyment from motorcycling. I am glad that I raced the full season last year, and have been happy with the first couple of events this season. I have learned a lot about driving at the limits, and met a lot of nice people, but the amount of seat-time you get for being there all day isn't cutting it for me any more.

I will be converting the car back to mostly stock trim, except for my short shifter, shifter bushings, filled motor mounts, and my black 16" Rota wheels. I can't even put the Tibby sway bar back on, 'cause I sold it when I got the Progress bar. I will be driving the Elantra year-round, and will no longer require a second car, so I will be selling the Lincoln too.

I will be parting out the rest of the after-market stuff on my car over the next few months as it goes back to stock trim, so keep you eyes open. members will get first dibbs. This will include the Evo-Fusion 4-2-1 header and exhaust system, the K-Sport coilovers, the Progress sway bar, the RRM strut tower braces, stainless brake lines, custom K&N Apollo CAI, and 15" 7" black Rota GT3's with the Falkens.

This is a sad decision, but on the up side, after all this is done, I will likely be getting a new motorcycle.
how much for the cold are intake once you sell it oh and the sway bar
That's crummy to hear man... but you know what, you're giving up one thing you love for another you obviously love even more. Sometimes it's just not feasible to have it all. Sounds to me like you're making the right call. And hey - who knows, in a few years time you may find yourself buying an old scrapper and bringing it back to life for auto-x.

Keep us posted on the motorcycle!
QUOTE (rogerdavis87 @ May 25 2008, 08:28 PM) *
how much for the cold are intake once you sell it oh and the sway bar

Too early to tell. I just came to this decision over the course of the past week or so. This was not meant as a advertisement for my stuff just yet. I just wanted to let the group know what I was doing, as I have been quiet on the autocross stuff lately. However, like I said keep your eyes open over the course of the next few weeks (or months if I'm lazy).


That's exactly how I look at it. Perhaps one day I will do just as you say. I'm not writing it off forever. Something, heaven forbid, may push me away from motorcycling one day, and I will always need some form of adrenaline fix.
well i was just asking so i have an idea how much i should save up but as far as it all goes that sucks but i under stand the quiting thing i had to do the same thing with my paintball team i miss them alot
Well, good for you that you made the decision like that. Can't have an infinite number of hobbies and you're right, from what I've seen, the seat-time-to-waiting-time ratio sucks in autocross. Certainly it did in rallycross the couple of times I went, and I drove 3 hours to and 3 hours from the event, so 6 hour travel time and a whole day for maybe 12 minutes of racing... I'm going go-karting!

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