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Full Version: Is your Elantra high mileage?
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New member KPSquared's thread on his high mileage Elantra got me thinking. How many of our members have high mileage cars? Vote in the poll (high mileage or not) and feel free to let us know how your high mileage car is doing mechanically. thumbsup.gif Poll answers are in miles, not km. read.gif
I voted.
123,000 Miles on my 02 xd..... 2nd motor so i've got about 50k miles on the new motor
101,xxx on my 2002 GT. Only repair I've made (non-maintenance) is I replaced both axle seals. The rear motor mount on it is sagging, but that's an easy fix. I'm still on the original clutch...
Just about to roll past 20k with 45 days to go before its 2nd birthday with me.
66,000 on my 2002
I don't put that many miles Monday to Friday but I do use a fare bit of gas. All stop and go, pluse it's only about 15+ miles to work. sad.gif symbol-dollarsign.gif symbol-dollarsign.gif
My car's holding up pretty well. I'm slowly (read: not really THAT slowly) changing parts that I think are stock (I bought my car used), things that should need to be replaced given their age. Oh... what's that? Yup - time for some suspension work. lol
My 2004 has 19,200 miles on it.
Mechanically it hasn't had any problems, just some electric stuff like the lights going out on the intrument panels and the horn.
Dam, i've been upstaged on the lowest mileage per year.
Mine just ticked over to 31,000miles ... Still as good as they day I brought her home biggrin.gif

The Accent is sitting on 150,000miles ... shes running as good as a 98 Accent can run lol
Wife will put her over 90k this week.
just did a little conversion and I'm at 76000miles (123600kms) on my 03GT

bought it less than a year ago with 53000miles (86400kms) on it.
Mechanically going well - like MEly just needing some things touched up with the age
An 02 with just under 100,000 miles. Longest time I've owned a car, and so far, most trouble-free.
A little over 86,000 on my 2003. Runs just as good as the day I bought her...... B)
My 01' EGT has 130,000 miles. 110,000 after bad crash. One tough little car. thumbsup.gif
110,000 MILES HERE. The only non-routine work so far has been to replace both rear wheel bearings. Original clutch seems to be just fine.
Looks like a decent showing of high mileage Elantras thumbsup.gif

My sled is pushing 44k soon. I hope to get 100k+...
Got 156,000 on the car with no major repairs! Its a 2002 Gls.

Only repair that i consider not regular maintenance was when i screwed up the wheel bearing while bashing off the stuck-on rotor on the right side, that was an event haha.
88 K miles and had it to the dealer for the mirror switch.
A few hundred miles from 60,000 right now on the '06.
I just went over 140,000 on my '98 Elantra a few days ago. I've had it for 2 years now.
My 01 Elantra has 107,000 miles. It has had a recent timing belt, idler, and water pump change, and also a front catyletic converter, tune-up, and K @ N flat filter. It has a very slight trimble at the steering wheel, from 55 to 70 but otherwise runs like a top. It has a Wal-Mart wheel balance job that may have to be done over. rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
I have had my 08 for 10 days now and i have near 700 miles on it and just starting my third tank of gas. Peace.gif
64K on my 02.. NYC TO Greensboro trips
98K+ and running slightly noisier that when i bought it at 53K+ in 04. [so far, ac RUW@68K+.]
So we've basically got lots of Elantras of all mileages from brand-new to over 150k. Heck, almost a quarter who voted are over 100,000mi. That's reassuring smile.gif
Time for you to makeup another bar graph I think. tongue.gif j/k

Hmmm.. 100k miles, my car's still got a long ways to go. I miss driving - I drove a lot more last summer (more trips to my gf's parents), this summer I've put on only about 5000 km. sad.gif
Got 135,000 and counting on my 01 EGT. Turned 7 yrs this month. Longest I ever had a car! Nice job Hyundai.
I have 244K on my 2002 GLS. The only corrective maintenance I have done is a thermostat.

I have replaced wear out items like the two front rotors. I'm too lazy to look at my rear brakes but that will be the next thing. I did replace the oil pump at 125K due to a mistake on my part trying to get the seal ring off when I was doing the timing belt. I just replaced the water pump on my most recent timing belt change at 240K miles. I buy my parts from the Hyundai dealership in Newport RI. The parts guy, Paul, said they have never known a water pump to go that long. I took it off and the impellers were pristine. I though I heard a chirping and that is why I replaced it (no leaks), also because I thought it was the right thing to do.

I have a straight shot commute of 68 miles one way, it is all open road with no stop and go, i.e. "good miles".

This is the longest I have driven any car. I am sold on Hyundai for life. Funny, I'll have a quarter million miles in two months. I will have the equivalent of circling the earth 25 times in this buggy.
QUOTE (stevesusko @ Aug 26 2008, 04:30 PM) *
This is the longest I have driven any car. I am sold on Hyundai for life. Funny, I'll have a quarter million miles in two months. I will have the equivalent of circling the earth 25 times in this buggy.

Dude, nearly 250k miles is absolute insanity. I believe we can deem your car "high mileage" Having said that, quick check shows that it's only about 10x around the earth... but at this rate, who's counting? tongue.gif
QUOTE (MEly @ Aug 26 2008, 07:13 PM) *
Dude, nearly 250k miles is absolute insanity. I believe we can deem your car "high mileage" Having said that, quick check shows that it's only about 10x around the earth... but at this rate, who's counting? tongue.gif


Good catch. Perhaps my "25 times" was wishful thinking ............ but maybe a possibility.

I, also, am surprised at the number of 100K+ miles car we have! This is a good show for the reliabilty of the car. We'll have to see how many hit 150K, 200K etc. Mine, at 110,000, is still squeak and rattle free. smile.gif
my 01 Xd's done 146,000 km.

dunno wat that is in miles confused-scratchhead3.gif
83K on my 02 GT - i purchased it new - a reliable car
About 90,700 on my '02 GT. My favorite car I've owned by far. All I've done is regular maintenance so far. The gas gauge is a bit finicky at times and there's a few squeaks and rattles, but I believe those are because it was in an accident before I got it. (hatch is a bit noisy and the car was hit in the driver side rear, I believe) Lovin' the Elantra.
long time, no post for me!

My 06 GT has 102,000 miles on it. I purchased it in July of '06 with 17 miles, hehe. I use it for work, tons of city trips, but a decent amount of highway driving everyday.

I have had zero problems with the car. It rattles here and there, but with 100,000 miles I cannot complain. Keep it maintained regularly, but my u-joint or half-axle is clunking when I turn and give it gas so I take it REALLLY easy when turning, I had an Accord snap its half axle when it was doing the same thing. I know, I know-it needs to be taken care of, its just that money is tight and its still in the beginning stages, its not that bad just yet.

I guess consider this my 100k mile review! Its a shame the car works so well, I have no need to come on this forum, but I do still appreciate all the help I got here, I definitely still support the forum and still rock my badge smile.gif

Big thanks to Mitch and Bob for everything-this site was such a valuable resource in the beginning for me, really helped me get comfortable with my car and make it look nice.

Hope all is well with everyone on here, Ill try to come around more often

on a side note: My music has been taking off, I had 9 releases this year, all of which did really well and my monthly club night has been packed for the last year and still growing. I did a west coast tour earlier in the year, as well as started a record label that does 12" vinyl-we ended up getting a distribution deal with one of the largest vinyl manufacturers in the world and you can buy our records anywhere dj records are sold smile.gif Just inked a deal with itunes, napster, emusic, and amazon for digital distribution on their sites. I still have my day job, but this is definitely paying some bills every month, and in this economy I need it smile.gif

Cheers guys smile.gif

(you can check me out at for my music and whatnot if you are curious smile.gif)
My '03GT just hit 100k on Sunday (driving through the remnants of Hurricane Ike to get to an outdoor concert). Had ~88k when I bought it at the end of February. Runs like a top, been to Chicago and back, goes down the road great. When I got new tires (at 97k... will probably do a review soon now that I've finally gotten to drive on them in the rain), I got an alignment and the guy said that everything was really solid. Going to be doing an oil change sometime soon (working all 7 days this week, just got a gig on Friday, playing a wedding Saturday... maybe Sunday, and that's if I can get to the dealership for a filter on Friday), and then the timing belt... just because I don't know if it's had one or not. Thinking about doing pics for a DIY.
Just crossed 100k on my '05 4dr. She's a 5sp, and getting about 30mpg in town with the air on. I live in Phoenix so the air is always on. So far I used the waranty 2 times. Both of those times were to replace headlight bulbs. I replaced the rear brakes twice. I just changed the spark plugs with NGK Iridium IX's, and the wires with off the rack AutoZone wires. I also just put on the 3rd set of tires. The tires now are Barum Bravus. This is the second set of those. The are cheap, $350 for the set of 4 installed with the Discount Tire Co. hazard waranty. They only say 40,000 miles for these, and they are good for every one of the 40,000. Runs like a top. I am very impressed thus far, and my standards for comparison are my previous 3 Toyota Camrys, so she had the bar set very high. Worth every one of the 16k I spent on her. My only bitch is the leather seats. They are fine quality wise, but why am I compelled to get them with the GT package? I'll say it again; I live in Phoenix. Oh the joys of sliding into those leather seats in July while I am wearing shorts. One of the first things I got for the car were neoprene seat covers.
I'm at 140,204 miles as of my commute this morning on '02 Elantra 5-speed. She gets a pretty consistent 30 mpg, though I did just have to replace the clutch. (other than that, no mechanical difficulties.)

the only other thing i'm worried about is the paint. it's wearing off in several places, but i just don't have the cash to get a paint job yet.
hello everyone my '01 gt has 156000 miles on it as of this morning. i bought it with 4 miles on it in sept. '01 and crashed it 2 months later. i have no problems except some squeaky belts when i start my car in cold weather and when i turn the wheel all the way to the end. i get 27 mpg and keep up with all of the maintenance. i want to start modding my car but since the insurance company canceled my policy 6 hours b4 my accident i had to pay $13000 in repairs myself so after paying $16000 for the car i have the only $30000 stock elantra gt. so finding an excuse to spend more is kinda hard.
My 2008 GLS just turned 32,000kms (after 8 months of ownership). I'm going for a bit over 50k/year. So far no issues at all except the fuel pump recall!

Kudos to Hyundai for a great car!
173,000 and no leaks, noise, or anything abnormal.Still get 30+ mpg.God i love my car.
So the guy with 220,000 miles is the highest?
I would like to know what the highest mileage elantra is.

Mine has 116,000.
It's a 01 GT, seems to be good yet.
Almost 86K on my '01 GLS. Since I average about 3000 miles per month, look for my odometer to read about 120K by the end of this year...
I voted but never posted huh.gif
Anyway I am pushing 48,000 miles on my 05.
No problems other then a flying truck bed and half the
interior had to be replaced cause of it.

Ken Quick Duck!
151,600 miles on my 02 GT, replaced clutch at 125K just about to do the second timing belt, battery is going but other than that this thing has been problem free. I'd say that is great for a 6 year old car. Still runs great and I'll run it till the engine blows and then I'll probably replace it with a used engine and run it longer. biggrin.gif
Welcome to the club!!! Glad to hear about how well your GT has held up.
47521 miles
20,678 miles

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