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I just bought an 04 gt. Can someone help me. It didn't come with a manual. How do you set the tuning buttons and set the time.? Thanks for your help. Dave
Not sure if all the stereos were the same but I had the same problem setting my time. I think with mine at least I had to have my stereo off. Then there was a "Display" or "Disp" button that I had to push and hold (probably 10-15sec) and the time would flash. Now, I can't remember for sure, but I think I used the up/down scanning buttons to change the hour/minute respectively.

As for setting the presets, generally you push and hold the number that you want to save the station at.

Hope this is at least some help.
Thanks that helps
If you have the Kenwood unit that went in the 04 GT, you can find a link to the owners manual in the Elantra Wiki
Does the 04 Kenwood unit have a clock on it??? Doesn't your Elantra have the separate in-dash clock like the rest of them?
The Kenwood unit does have a clock, and that was the one feature that was a PITA to set. It required holding a couple of buttons down for a few seconds, and I could never remember how to do it. Consequently, I never used the clock. But check out the manual, it will tell you what to do.

QUOTE (dschnabl @ Mar 18 2008, 07:25 PM) *
Can someone help me. It didn't come with a manual.

c'mon Roy... it's

If mine came with the Kenwood deck I'd take a look at my manual for ya - but I think mine was the Clarion? - not Kenwood anyways
I'd say just use the dash clock and leave the deck to the music
I don't think it's a Kenwood, there are no badges. It's all black with small little buttons.
I was able to set the clock and and the pre sets were a no brainer. It does have a clock above the stereo, but I wanted to set the radio clock cause I'm weird that way.
Thanks Dave
well for comparison - this is a non-Kenwood deck (I think Clarion?)

if it's like that I do still have the manual, but it'll be in the garbage tomorrow
That's not the one I have.
This it?
No it's all black, no dials just buttons. no badges either. Maybe it's after market?

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