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I am currently wanting to buy a 2002 GT. I found one locally, here in Victora, BC, for $7000. It has had 2 insurance claims, each reported as a collision.
One was $3800 dollars worth of damage, the other $3200. I have an appointment with a mechanic to get it checked out.

Now here's where I could use some advice. I guess I'm wondering if that seems like a lot of money for damage to the GT. My last 2 vehicles have not been anywhere near as sweet a ride as a GT, so I have no idea if that repair claim was a lot of money, or was just a scratch on the bumper. I actually drive a K Car, paid cash for it too. LOL

The car is in great condition, inside and out it is spotless. I am familiar enough with cars to see signs of accidents or major flaws, and I dont see any.

Any comments or advice are welcome.

With the amount of that damage, the collision could have been for almost anything. Body work (ie: front bumper, hood, fender) would probably put it around that range. You definitely should be a little weary to make sure the frame isn't bent, and see if a mechanic can tell where it was hit. Often times if you have someone very familiar with paint and body work they can see what might have been replaced to give you an idea of where it was hit. I'm not sure what a normal price would be in Canada for a used 2002 GT (i'll let our Canadian members chime in here) but I would say, if I was buying a vehicle with two fairly major accidents I would want to buy it for substantially below FMV.
Sorry but it's possible either way. It could be superficial damage to several body panels or deeper damage to a corner or something. I was side-swiped and hit a curb pretty hard (not in that order) and the bill was about $6,000, but the frame was fine. Pity all the struts were bent, shocks, control arm, wheels, doors, fenders, bumpers.... so yeah, you'll have to get it looked at by someone who can tell the difference.
I paid around $7000 for mine in Toronto in May of this year. It is also an '02 with only 80000km (at the time) on it. Thing is - it had a clean record. I'd be weary about why it's so expensive after going through two collisions. That being said - everything's pricier in BC. Lately I've been seeing private sellers on Craigslist selling their GT's for around $6000 (stupid depreciation).

Hopefully that helps a bit.
As far as the collisions it had, I would look very closely at the paint to see where it was repainted and figure out if any mud was used (use a magnet to find it). $3200 and $3800 does seem a lot, but collision damage adds up extremely quickly. I'm wondering if it has a clean title?

Look on the hood jamb, door jambs and trunk jamb to see if that has any repairs.
QUOTE (cclngthr @ Feb 25 2008, 07:38 PM) *
] I'm wondering if it has a clean title?

Wow, thanks for the replies so far...

by the way, what is a clean title?

Any I trust my mechanic to spot anything I cant. Ive seen a GT range in price from $7000 to $13000, all for what appears to be the same model. ??? I dont get it. If the asking price is $7000, and the damage was done as I described above, how much is a fair price to ask? Remember, I live in BC biggrin.gif

here is the link for the car
posted on Usedvictoria(dot)com, ad number 502943

A clean title is one that does not say the car is a rebuild or salvage. It usually has that in bld red letters.

Looking at the pictures, I see the passenger fender to have a slight mismatch in color, which likely that fender and the hood was repainted. Also there is some blotchiness in the rear passenger door that looks like it was painted too (it appears darker in areas). It may be that the doors were hit and the front clip was also hit.

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