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Full Version: Speeding ticket for Loeb during Rally of Sweden
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Yup, that's rally driver Sebastian Loeb getting a speeding ticket in his Citroen C4 WRC rally car during the Rally of Sweden...
As an explanation for non-WRC fans, the various stages (closed roads) of a WRC rally are not adjacent, so the cars must be driven from one stage to the next on open public roads with normal traffic and are subject to all traffic laws. In fact a traffic violation in between the race stages disqualifies the driver from the rally, as in this case.
(Not like those sissy motorsports where cars have to be trucked around)

Oh and here's Loeb a few years ago getting pulled over in Mexico for... well, watch it.
that's gotta suck - not only is it a speeding ticket, but you get disqualified..

anything on those cars that could be street illegal? that could add the bill up
Same rules for everyone taking part tongue.gif
Yeah, it's not unfair for the racers, but it's got to suck having a 300hp, 500lb-ft little AWD hatchback and going from sliding around flat-out on these windy little forest roads to driving under 55 on an interstate slow lane while everyone and their grandmother passes you. But then rally is all about self-control I guess...

I do wonder about the street-legality of these WRC cars. It's possible they must have all safety equipment, and follow traffic laws, but being from out-of-country they might get some breaks on equipment. That would explain the working brake lights, headlights, turn signals and rear and side-view mirrors but no airbags or mufflers, etc.. ? Someone should look into that... someone who doesn't have to be working right now sad.gif
They do have catalytic converters (hard to believe with the flames shooting out on downshifts!!) so maybe they are street-legal...
it makes me wonder if cops target certain drivers they don't like. . . haha could you imagine getting a ticket for going 1 or 2 mph over the speed limit (or kmh). ohmy.gif

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