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Well - since I took the other topic off topic, here we go to keep that chat going.... and anything TO related actually
- we'll see if some of the previous posts make it into this thread...don't know if it's possible

QUOTE (MEly @ Feb 11 2008, 11:51 PM) *
You lived downtown for a week...? How does that work? And holy crap you HAVE lived everywhere. Did you live at all the other places for a full year's lease? You know - until I met my current gf, I thought that York Region was the place to be. Yeah - I was mistaken. smile.gif Don't get me wrong, I go to school downtown, but doing so has made me hate the site of Yonge and Dundas like nothing else. To be honest, until about 2 years ago (even though I grew up here), I never really realized there was more to downtown than the Yonge St. Strip.

As for your girlfriend... I take it she drives. That should make the drive to the Lakeshore campus less painful. Cause lord knows, TTC is NOT where it's at lol. What does she do at Humber?

Oh man, I could give you the lo-down on Greek food. My grandmother's Greek - so I got a lot of it whenever I'd visit my grandparents. If you want to go safe... start with their hummus (best in the city, IMO) then get any of the Souvlaki dinners. Once you've decided you like it - I can list other awesome dishes there. Oh - and it's cheap too (for what you get, it honestly can't be beat).

I guess I didn't technically have a place downtown, but was more just sharing my ex's dorm room for a week while I was looking for a proper room before the apartment. I've been in TO straight since Feb 2004, before that was London(ish) growing up and school. 1yr college in TO, then back to London for 1.5yrs of crap work - but in my field. Basically all places have been at least one year, some year and a half... I've got a nice rhythm going with the moves.
Yonge/Dundas... ha - I worked Yonge/Richmond for a year pretty much - that was
I never really realized there was more to downtown than the Yonge St. Strip.
and I thought I lived a sheltered life... j/k

the girlfriend doesn't drive (only G1 - and haven't gotten to helping her learn more, doesn't help that she's also having to learn on standard - both me and her dad's car, though her mom just got a used KIA... just have to get up to Huntsville to use it). The main reason for where the apartment hunt was aimed was for transit - right on the subway line... and over to Humber for only 4 months for a publishing course to go on top of her Masters of Music. After that it'll depend on what path gets her the better job - and hopefully the transit works out well, or I could even drop her off if its on my way to work.

I think maybe the next TO meet should involve some good eats like the sounds of the Souvlaki and hummus.

MAN I love this snow!! My boss tries to make us choose whether we have to go to work or not - when he's supposed to be making the call.... he's crazy
Wow - now THAT'S a way to cram a helluva lot of info into one post.

I can honestly say I'm fortunate I've been able to live at home while in school. My gf's from Brighton (the big apple if you drive East on the 401) and had to move here for school/work and I've seen how hard it's been on her. Will move out with her once school's done and I'm making real money - my master's is paying for my car... that's about it. smile.gif

Oh, and for the record - NOW I realize there's more to downtown than Yonge. I mean... there's Jarvis too. biggrin.gif

One of the guy's I work with in my lab's from London actually - says there's pretty much nothing out there jobwise. Probably a good call to have come to Toronto. You're in IT right? IIRC Markham is the IT capital of Canada, believe it or not.

Humber Lakeshore is ... proooobably not right on your way to work, unless of course you change jobs - or don't mind going to work very late. I had to go there once about a year and a half ago. Best thing about it was the view in on the Gardiner - it was a nice sunny day and the skyline was sexy. Yes - Toronto is nice from time to time.

That being said - this weather is NOT nice. Is your boss testing you, do you think? Turns out people that come in get bonuses - the rest get a nice hot plate of nada.... then again, he could just be a good guy. Kinda crappy being a TA at Ryerson. They like to schedule 8am classes for the most ridiculous stuff. I'm TA'ing a design project course where I LITERALLY just go, take attendance and leave. And for that I need to be up at 5am tomorrow to make sure I can shovel out of this crap. GAH! Enough white stuff already.

One last thing... while we're on the topic of food, I'm taking my gf to Dirty Dancing on Tuesday (next week). It's at the Royal Alex at King & University. Anyone have any restaurants in the area they recommend? She's really been on a Japanese kick lately, so if it's Japanese - even better.

- Marc
QUOTE (MEly @ Feb 12 2008, 09:35 PM) *
Wow - now THAT'S a way to cram a helluva lot of info into one post.

I still think I'm suffering from some verbal diarrhea laugh.gif

as nice as I may be - I'm not driving her to Humber... that'll depend on the job she gets after Humber - if it's something more my way. I try to stay away from downtown during the day if possible.
Yay I'm in the IT Capital!!

man, Jarvis is too close to Church.... I'm just not one to get whistled at by guys... but I guess it can be taken as a compliment.
I don't think I could ever be a TA - my 1yr College Diploma was good enough for me - cost me half as much as my g/f's 7 years masters...yikes!

My boss is just weird, he does fall under the Peter principle - not just cause that's his name...
He's just lazy and doesn't want to work, but wants everyone else to make up his mind so he doesn't have to. The more snow the more he looks like a fool - that's how it works, so I'm all for more snow falling!! biggrin.gif

I'll ask my buddy about places downtown to go for some food. There's a place Woodbine/John - Taste of Japan...but that's not near downtown
Hey Mely -- my granparents live in Campbellford, about 30 mins North of the Big Apple (straight up 30)

There's a really great restaurant across from the Eatons centre, I can't remember what its called but it's about 1/2 block south of the Hardrock (pretty much across from the Eaton Centre and before Shuter Street). Be prepared to lay about $150 all said with booze.

Another nice restaurant is Everest (@ Queen and John) -- it's Tibetan/Indian cuisine. There's also a nice Chinese place beside it as well. both those places would be about $60 for two with a few glasses of wine.

I live at Don Mills and the DVP, but I commute to Steeles and Warden for work. It sucks. But when I was carless it was a 3 hour commute so I am grateful for my XD2.
Sargeants - Have you ever been to Taste of Japan? It's one of those restaurants that came around before the recent 'Japanese surge' and I've always been kind of unsure about going in. Not that I'd go that night - I'm just curious. Oh, and for the record... NEVER go to the All You Can Eat Japanese across the street... "Maison du Japon" or something of that nature. I should have known something was wrong when I realized it was a Japenese restaurant with a French name. tongue.gif

Ishtar - That's really funny. Know why? For some reason I can never remember what happens if you keep going straight on Percy street.. so I ALWAYS ask my gf "What happens if we don't turn on Telephone Rd. and keep going up Percy?" lol - needless to say, every time it's the same answer ... "You get to Campbellford"

As for the restaurants... I'm thinking $150 is far too step - but those ones that are more like $60 sound right up my alley. Queen and John is close too. I'm thinking I will look into the Chinese place. I've had really good sit-down Chinese a couple of times. Sure it's a bit pricey (relative to buffets for instance), but you do get what you pay for.
$150 for a night with booze? daamn, don't think I've spent that much in one night for food and drinks in a while! and that's a rare occasion, think the Keg did it the one night.

Been to Taste of Japan twice now. Kinda neat where you get the option to sit at a regular table or around the stove thing where they cook the food right infront of you. It's actually pretty good - though I'm not too extravagant with foods. There's pretty much one combo that is gotten when my boss and others go out every month or so; gets you some sushi, wasabi, salad, and some meat. It's awesome to watch them make the food.
French Japanese place - just doesn't add up.

I used to drive(ride) past the apple every summer on my way up to camp in Kingston (from London) - when I was younger kept thinking it was before Toronto, but kept being confused when I started driving myself and never saw the apple on my way to Toronto.... guess I never went that far east.

I hear ya on the commute there Ish - for the 2 weeks I didn't have a car it took me 2.5hrs to make it from keele/eg to woodbine/14th... don't know how it took me less time to go that much further - but it kinda makes sense, I mean it was TTC
Hey - for those with multiple sets of rims/tires - head to Crappy Tire this week! - I guess this goes for other Canadians too

They've got a sale on a tire rack/stand - 60% off
Canadian Tire Link

Already have one!
yea, but did you pay $14+taxes for it?
Passed you this morning while you were sitting on woodbine just off the 404 at Steeles. I headed East and up VicPark
Two questions.

1) Steve - were you at John and Leslie last night at say 7ish? I saw someone else in an EGT and I thought it was you, but couldn't get close enough to tell. The car was headed eastbound at the time, in the general direction of your office.

2) Anyone have any recommendations for something fun to do in the city on Saturday night? I'm trying to come up with something fun for me and the gf and I'm clear out of ideas. I was thinking to MAYBE shoot pool, but I don't know any good pool halls - so even recommendations for those are good by me.
lol lots of things... I would suggest not pool tho. Why not go downtown and see a nice lounge?
Why not pool? I'm definitely not trying to 'woo' my gf anymore - so if I show her up, so be it. tongue.gif lol, no no I'm kidding - I still let her win wub.gif

The lounge idea's not bad though. Any ideas? I know I went to this place downtown at Queen & University (area) that was a good jazz bar a while back... Oh - "The Rex" that might be a nice night.
QUOTE (MEly @ May 8 2008, 10:21 PM) *
Two questions.
1) Steve - were you at John and Leslie last night at say 7ish? I saw someone else in an EGT and I thought it was you, but couldn't get close enough to tell. The car was headed eastbound at the time, in the general direction of your office.

2) Anyone have any recommendations for something fun to do in the city on Saturday night? I'm trying to come up with something fun for me and the gf and I'm clear out of ideas. I was thinking to MAYBE shoot pool, but I don't know any good pool halls - so even recommendations for those are good by me.

Can't say I was in that area then, I was leaving Mississauga around 5:30 and managed to make it across the Gardiner and home just before 7 -then had home-made chocolate pancakes (boy I love living with someone that has more ambition than me to cook! biggrin.gif

I'd agree with the pub/lounge and just chill - but I also like the pool idea if you're both able to play (otherwise it can be a little frustrating)
Maybe also some bowling? Like you said it's not like you're trying to woo her anymore.
This might be a good place to look.
Thanks for the ideas fellas. We ended up having a great night. We went to Japanese for dinner and went to Putting Edge afterwards. Since we were already in Woodbridge we ended up going to Dave and Busters and ended the night with a drink and dessert at Milestones.

I can honestly say we haven't had that much fun in a long time.
Awesome time - just wish it was closer to an all night subway station to get me home
drinking and games is where it's at!

glad you had a good night out
So I've got to renew my plates and license before next week...
went in to the MTO today, and was only able to get my license renewed.

Though since my address was wrong, I didn't find out the great news that I needed to have an emissions test done before I can get my plates renewed.
Got the beast booked for a test this afternoon, just to get it done and over with.
- I probably should do my oil change before taking the test... but I've got another 1000kms to go before I start thinking about that more.
Wish me luck!

Damn the gov't for taking lots of money from me!
$75 license
$75 plate
$60 Toronto driving tax thingy
$?? emissions test

Oh how I wish I was driving my Fiero - no emissions tests
Oh shit! Man - I'm sooo happy I got Cassie to get her license last month. I totally forgot about that. You know you can get your license stickers online now? She ordered them in August for Nov. renewal for two years to avoid that stupid damned Toronto tax. Fucking Miller... honestly... Gah!

Any reason to think you won't pass drive clean? I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm due for one next year - am thankful the Dealer found my exhaust leak while it was still under warranty. I should be good to go for a while now.
well just picked it up... PASSED
... with flying colours I may add

ASM 2525
HC ppm limit: 66 reading: 1
CO% limit: 0.37 reading: 0
NO ppm limit: 505 reading: 1
RPM: 2792
Dilution: 14.5

Curb Idle
HC ppm limit: 150 reading: 1
CO% limit: 0.70 reading: 0
NO ppm limit: N/A reading: N/A
RPM: 707
Dilution: 14.6

So I guess I can't justify getting a different muffler.
That's awesome dude. ... Now how much did you have to pay the guy to get those readings? tongue.gif

I still can't stomach how much you had to shell out for all of that. I'm probably moving into Toronto (technically I'm not IN Toronto right now) in June of next year... I'm going to hold off changing my address until AFTER I get my plates renewed.
I don't know the fine details of things, but they may ding you anyways

my address seems to come up as east york in some spots and I got tagged with it. There's a special code that comes up on the screen that they'll get you on it.
I did my plates down in St Thomas and totally confused the clerk with that message - guess not many people renew their plates 2hours from home.. smile.gif
was I the only one to notice the snow falling yesterday??

what's up with that?!
Oh man - I couldn't believe it. I had to text my friend who just moved to Seattle. Damnit - it's only October. Did you see pictures of Barrie and North Bay? They had snow that stuck. ohmy.gif
Snow?!? Wow, that's a bit early.

Sounds as if you are in for a humdinger of a winter. Last one was kinda snowy, certainly snowier than years past.
yea I know... I've really gotta step up my game and get my winter rims straightened and balanced up and put on.
Don't want to run the General UHP's too much longer with this weather moving in

*though I did drive the Fiero with worn Dunlops on icey roads... nothing like driving sideways on the 401 :eeek:
- ended up driving 5kms on the side of the road with flashers running; at least I could keep up speed on the gravel better than I could on the actual road
the fiero must be fun when you want to play tho
Damn Toronto Drivers.

They don't know how to use 4-way stops, 3-way stops, how to read signs, or how to drive in 2inches of snow! I mean seriously!! 2inches is nothing.. maybe not even 2 inches.

I can't say that I haven't done stupid things in winter weather (rolled my car about 5 times across 6 lanes of traffic)... but if you've driven in this weather for a few years, you should come to expect it and not act like an idiot!
'tis that time of year again..

DriveClean test done, plate renewal for tomorrow.
Looking back at my results I posted previously (can't find 2010).. I think I fair pretty good since I'm at 252Kkms.
I wonder if this place is using a newer version of software, numbers look different. I'll have to dig out the 2010 numbers to properly compare.

At 2797RPM
EMISSION ............... LIMIT..........READING
Hydrocarbon ppm........66 ........... 0
Carbon Monoxide%......0.37 ....... 0.00
Nitrogen Oxide ppm.....505 ......... 140

Curb Idle 712 RPM
EMISSION ............... LIMIT..........READING
Hydrocarbon ppm.......150 .......... 0.0
Carbon Monoxide%......0.70 ....... 0.00
Nitrogen Oxide ppm......NA .......... NA

At 2792RPM
EMISSION ............... LIMIT..........READING
Hydrocarbon ppm........66 ........... 1
Carbon Monoxide%......0.37 ....... 0.00
Nitrogen Oxide ppm.....505 ......... 1
Dilution: 14.5

Curb Idle 707 RPM
EMISSION ............... LIMIT..........READING
Hydrocarbon ppm.......150 .......... 1.0
Carbon Monoxide%......0.70 ....... 0.00
Nitrogen Oxide ppm......NA .......... NA
Dilution: 14.6

At ~2500RPM
EMISSION ............... LIMIT..........READING
Hydrocarbon ppm........150 ........... 14
Carbon Monoxide%......0.70 ....... 0.01
Nitrogen Oxide ppm.....NA ......... NA
Dilution: 13.9

Curb Idle ?? RPM
EMISSION ............... LIMIT..........READING
Hydrocarbon ppm.......150 .......... 20.0
Carbon Monoxide%......0.70 ....... 0.01
Nitrogen Oxide ppm......NA .......... NA
Dilution: 12.4

It's great that the GTA car tax is gone... but when did the MTO raise the plate renewal rates? Used to be $74, now it's $82. sheesh!
must have just gone up recently. I had mine renewed in June for $74.

I think its time the gov abolished this cash cow program like some other provinces have.
Yea, went in with my paper sating $74, but right above that "prices subject to change" BS.
The prices went up Sept 1. boo. I'd still rather pay the extra $8/yr than the $60/yr with that stupid GTA tax.
Any recommendations for service in North East Brampton?

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