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Full Version: Here he goes again. . . .
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Ok, so I been thinking alot about this here lately. What do I replace the Elantra with as my soon-to-be Nationals contender? There's the obvious Civic, or Miata, or insert past nationals winning vehicle here.

But I want it DIFFERENT! Y'all know me by now, at least in the e-sense, and I want to be competitive, but still have fun rocking something a wee-bit different.

So I was looking through Flea-Bay and noticed an 05 Accent Hatch (white of course) with a 1.6L/5-spd and no A/C. You read that right no air conditioning. So I was looking through the google pages trying to find it's curb weight and apparently you Canucks have tested one before. 2186lbs. Which then got me to searching for other goodies to go with it. Here's the break down:

Springs/struts $360
Whiteline rear sway bar $180
Rear strut brace $70
CAI $100
Exhaust $250
15x7 13lb wheels $480
RE-01R's in 195/50 $400
Seats/harnesses $600

Last thing that I was curious about was the BSE pcm. Are they still around? With the correct tune that little accent would be close to 130-140fwhp, still elegible for Stock classes AND be light enough to be competitive. I don't know, it's only about 100lbs heavier than the Civic. I think it could have a decent chance with a good driver.
I have often thought about this too. My worry is that it is just like an Elantra only in a smaller class. Meaning, always a tick behind. Always a bridesmaid, never the bride. Therefore why not stay with what I have. The BSE chip was from Unichip I believe. I talked with Bill about it one day on the phone.
I've often thought about the BSE "chip" for the Elantra.

I was looking at the Protege5 here at work the other day, a vehicle that is supposed to be a far better handling car than the Elantra. It uses the same suspension as us. Literally identical. I was more than a little suprised.
But though the suspension is identical, wouldn't other factors such as gross weight, center of gravity and weight distribution have a play in handling? (IANAE...)
THat's what I checked into as well. A manual trans Protege5 weighs in at 2800-ish pounds as well. But it's 2.0L ford/mazda engine is weaker than ours.

Anyway, back to the Accent. . . . it would not suffer the severe weight disadvantage that the Elantra does to the civics. That would be a serious start in the right direction.

I don't know. . . I know that I want to scare people with what appears to be a turd. . . . I still want that Swift GT/GTi. I just can't find one not rusted in two.
Well just have th damn thing welded back into one laugh.gif The Super Duper Turd Sleeper!
Am I dreaming, but doesn't the Accent have a higher center of gravity compared to the Civics?

Would any of the Saturn's be a possibility?
Hard to find a saturn A.) under 150k miles and B.) still in decent enought shape to deal with.

As far as size differences the Accent is 1.4" taller, 9" longer and .2" wider.

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