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Full Version: alright you got me im cheap , but i need help
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So i found this while wondering walmarts site. i know its really cheap but for now i just want to practice hooking things up and starting slow. Alright so if i buy this which is only 50 bucks, how do i install it? i know my pioneer has two rca plugs in the back and this walmarts has two rcas. Do i just plug them together, and if thats so, where do i put the wires, and keep them from getting in the way. Thanks


P.S its snowin here in VA, so i cant get pics rite now but i will soon.
Check this out - already being/been discussed. seems like it's not too bad though.
Wow, that's almost spooky; the same sub and everything! I would say that if you're just doing this to learn, it's probably an okay unit. For just a little more money I got a sub and amp out of a Tiburon and wired it as similar to the Tib as I could. I think it ends up putting out about the same power. The cool thing about my sub is that it is packaged so it takes up very little trunk space:

Just to throw it out there, when I started the thread listed above, I also started one on EXD.
Here's the link:

I'll be getting a refurbished Kenwood KSC-WD250 for a little over $100. But if you get it, be sure to review it, I'll be curious to see how it sounds.
i think im gonna try the walmart sub that i talked at the beinning but i dont know how to hook it up. Do i need an amp? Cause i think that the sub has one built in .. Thanks for your help everyone
no amp needed.
alright so the sub has a built in amp, what types of wires do i need? and when i get them how do i hook it all up.
The only thing you will need is an amplifier wiring kit (available in sotres or on ebay). If you look at the other threads, you can figure out what gauge wire you should buy (unless you want the pain of running it twice if you upgrade). Entire kit should cost between $20-30 and includes power/ground/signal wire (attaches to HU), rca cable for pre-amp outputs (also on HU), and various tie downs and accessories. I'm assuming you have an aftermarket headunit. If not, you'll need to use speaker level inputs from the rear speakers.
its always nice to see fresh new folks taking an interest in the elantra's potential..

i just hope you don't move too fast and get burnt out...

there will come a time ( and it always does... ask anybody )

that you'll do mods' you'll wish you didn't waste your time with... or buy things you'll never put on the car...

my best advice.. is to seriously think about the modifications/add on's... and the goal you have for your car.

why spend $50 to tide you over now for something inferior.. when you can save a little money and get something worth while later...

its winter.. Modding season will resume schedule in Spring... lol.
Be sure to check the pm I sent you with instructions/examples/etc.

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