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Full Version: debadge ?? HOw
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Hey everyone, i just wanted to say thanks for all of you help. I will be getting some pics on my profile soon. My main reason for this post though is how to debadge. What part of the car should be debadge. What replacement emblem should i get and how easy.

Thanks again

debadging is really a personal preference. . . I did it with my Elantra, but haven't with my Sonata. I took off the following the "hyundai," "elantra," and "GT" on the back of the car so the only emblem back there was the H on the hatch. How to debadge is as follows:

1. Heat up what you are planning on debadging with a hairdryer
2. Take a piece of dental floss, and run it in between the car and the symbol you are removing.
3. Take emblem off car and clean car with your preference of cleaners to remove any residue left on the car.

It is a pretty simple task. I took my emblems off in the summer, so I didn't have to heat them up for long at all. If you are taking them off in the cold, it might take a few minutes to heat it up to the point where they're easy to remove.

Picture of debadged back:
oh wow sweet, thanks.

Now if i wanted to take it off the grill how would that work. Does it leave like a gaping hole?? Where the H symbol is.
yea taking the H of the grille would leave some holes, and most likely wouldn't look right. Now replacing the stock grille with an aftermarket grille would look great thumbsup.gif . . . but of course you'll be shelling out $100-200 if you purchase a prefabricated grille. . . . keep your eyes open though because now and then i'll see people here post up a used grille for pretty cheap that they no longer want.
alright if i wanted to get a new grill, and would pay 100 to 200 where would be the fastest and best place to purchase a grill. Also how easy is it to install.
trololololo for a little over $100 fiber glass...

you can do it yourself though...

i did..... a few members used to do them for a really small price..... but its probably more worthwhile to do it yourself.

compact divisions;products_id=64

theres a good start

EDIT: dammit Ed just beat me.
lol@ justin

also.. Ilanpro has a very good DIY on doing the grille... in our... . you guessed it..... DIY section.. LOL


its a little different from your grille.. but the same idea.

remove grill.. cut out the middle stuff (i left the 'teeth' on)... and put some mesh on it.. and somewhere inbetween there's sanding and painting involved.. hehe..

you haven't filled out your profile info... so i dont know where u are from.. but if you're close to Northern VA.. i'll help ya out

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