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i just purchased a used 2002 black Elantra gt hatchback. I'm wondering what cool customizations i can do. The exterior is in pretty good condition, and would like to make it more sporty. Also the interior is a little bland. Any suggestions on, customizing the interior and where i would purchase the accessories. Also i don't know how to install much of anything.
Any help would be appreciated.


Rims, lowering springs, spoiler, tints, grille......... that will help make it look sportier. but first things first, get rid of that fishing pole antenna and go on ebay. look up seller "AntennaX" and buy one from him.

i have the same year/model as you so if you have an questions feel free to ask.


ps- update your profile with your location, and post some pics if you got em.
Welcome to the club. . . check around in the garage (located under the "Features" dropdown menu) to check out some modded Elantra's if you want to get some ideas. Here is a link to an article in the "Elantrawiki" section of the club which has most of the aftermarket companies websites that specialize in Elantra parts. You can get a good idea of some of the parts available from these sites.
Thanks NY2002ElantraGt
So i guess the first ill do is change the antenna. How complicated is swapping it?

Also after i do that where would i purchase the other items?

ALso justin, i really like the look of your car. What color combination do you think i should? My car is black so, what do you think would work best. Also, on my front headlights theres like fog and dirt, do you know of some product that will get that off?
CV Headlight Restorer thread w/pictures.
Wheel thread. Basically the bolt pattern is 4x114.3, the offset is as close to +46mm as possible (40 probably OK, 38 gets risky), and I wouldn't go any larger than 17" because the tires get very very thin... rims get bent on bumps, etc.
Body kits are around but they're generally expensive. Lowering can be good... the '02s didn't have a spoiler, right? You can add the '03 black lip spoiler or the '04+ body-colored spoiler (I think..) or some that were only sold on Candian or Korean Elantras, or anything that'll fit, if you like spoilers. A window tint can look nice; check your state laws on darkness. The antenna is a cheap upgrade... dunno what else. But welcome to the club!

There's also the Permatex headlight restoration kit (sandpaper, polishing compound) here but it didn't work as well for me.
Thanks a bunch Cobas,

I was actually at one of the local auto stores and was going to go pick up the headlight stuff. Where would i buy spoilers from, also are they easy to put on? Thanks so much for your help, im really excited cause this is a big upgrade from my former car. A 93 ford escort

also NY2002ElantraGT,
which antenna should i purchase?

there is your antenna

as for rims, look for bronze 17" rims!
The rims and grill are easy do it yourself mods. Also, for a lot of other cool ones you feel you won't be able to do on your own, there are plenty of people here willing to lend a hand (sometimes personally if they are close enough to you). Welcome aboard dude!
hey piano, you really play piano?, anyways welcome you'll find tons of stuff for your ride, you can also check out arkspeedracing .com, for shorty antenna with great looks , or make it shorter yourself with a dremel, all suggestions here are good thumbsup.gif
hahaha yes i do play piano and the drums. What types of grills are out there and where to get them if possible a link. Also again thanks for all of your help, i will be getting the antenna soon, and then hopefully a black spoiler. Question when i get the spoiler, where should i buy it from, i think the hyundai dealer ship has them if im am wrong let me know please. I will be heading over there tomorrow to transfer plates. Thanks soo much
For the interior there's metal pedals, chrome door handles, leather parking brake covers (like Mitch has.. Isotta?)... or you can just paint the dash with silver spray paint. I gotta do that someday. It's turned out really well for people. Plus the stereo, of course.

Also, I know you said it feels pretty sporty already but in addition to some good sticky tires (well, it's winter now but later..) consider the rear sway bar from a Tiburon (18mm) or Tiburon GT (19mm). (Elantra GT's is 15mm) It bolts right on in about 15-30 minutes with the right tools and only costs about $100 or less. It makes the car feel much more capable in turns, even just pulling out of a parking lot, it'll stay flatter and feel more agile. The downside being you can't drive like a complete idiot and expect not to crash anymore because you can spin the car if you try hard enough. But if you're not 16 and don't enjoy talking on the cell phone and drinking coffee while you drive way too fast in the rain.. this mod might be for you.

Yeah, the Hyundai dealer should have the spoilers and would know what would fit (probably any 02-06 Elantra hatchback spoiler), but the dealership is probably expensive. You might find better deals online through junkyard networks or used auto parts sites... I don't remember right now.
Go to the Features dropdown in the menu and check out Our Garage. You can browse through what a lot of the members have down to their Elantras.
hey everyone thanks for your help.
I really want to get a leather boot, for my automatic but dont know where to get the boot. I have ordered an atenna and installed a new head unit. Next week or so im gonna get some kicker speakers, so im reallly pumped. If anyone knows where to get the leather boot let me know.

welcome to the site...

the leather boot will have to be custom made since most of the ones that are aftermarket, aren't made for our cars... and they are a little too small.

if you click on the DIY link at the header bar.. you'll see a DIY for making your own.

ALso, tons of great mod's there that are pretty easy to do.

I recommend starting on small easy mods, that will get you to know your engine bay, and rest of the car ....

once you get an idea of how everything goes together in our cars... (i also have an 02 GT HB auto) the DIY's will become easier..

welcome to Eclub and happy modding !
BS. You can get a leather boot at a junkyard. That's what I did.
for the auto that fits?

9 out of 10 aftermarket boots are too small.

well ok.. you got me doohick's.. i haven't tried 9 out of 10.

but i've tried a few.. and since alot of the companies that aren't momo, isotta, or X high end brand..

get their patterns from the same sweatshop in china... its just an uneducated guess that APC, 3ARacing, Ractive, Pilot, X Racing, Matrix, etc etc (the ricer brands) all are the same size... = too small for the auto shifter console thingie..

maybe with a little cutting of the elastic band... i'm sure they'll fit right over it.. so .. in a way... anything's possible... i didn't want to cut the 3 that i tried over the course of 2 years..

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