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Ok, don't buy it you're pathetic loser if you do and you will be banished from the Elantra kingdom for all enternity...

Hello and how are you?
You sir, Suck. That is all.

Get it, boost the living hell out of it and beat it into the ground to kick Civic ass!!
Chit. . . it won't need to be boosted to kick civic ass!

Now get in chat you hoser!
Ok Bob, you know those 2 dogs that you and your wife have.... well if you buy the Swift they will be taking up your spot on the bed and you sir will be in the dog house.

I fear my wife, I'm just banking you on being somewhat similar.
Swift? As in Suzuki Swift, aka Geo Metro? What am I missing here?
28 ppl online and only 2 ppl in chat???
Dooh. . .see : Perfect Auto-x car thread.
How about THIS $1000 FIERO GT instead Bob?

It was brought up in another thread I believe...
hOLY CRAP!!!! What's wrong with it?
Pretty much at the price point you've been looking for too... maybe even a little bit less.
What's it need? Manual?
Most likely manual, haven't seen a GT with an AT. I haven't called it. If you're serious about it, I could go take a look... it's a couple hours from me here (but would give me a reason to head to the beach wink.gif ). Remember, I'm currently a bum with a little bit of time on my hands.
You know - as sad as it is to be an owner of one for this reason - the resale value is rather low.... so it may be pretty darn decent

if you're going to take a look at it check for frame rott in the 'trunk' and in the rear wheel wells. It'll likely have a ripped drivers seat at the edges and slight warping in the trim around the stereo and shifter.

the GT could actually be auto - seen it with the Fiero... GT was more the fastback body style. Could even be a good ol Iron Duke 4cyl in there....

Heck - I should just say if you've got questions about it/them let me know... I like talking about the little info I know
If you're looking for a dedicated race car then why not buy just that, a race car? Shifter Karts are cheap to buy used and one of the fastest cars out there around an autocross course. There are plenty of other somewhat more expensive options here...
We can only run a shifter cart at 2 tracks, or 3 events a year. Not much fun in that.

Plus, what happened to that hyundai spirit of being a Pioneer and having fun trying something unheard of?
Ah, I see. Well dang, it's tough to pick a cheap, fun race car. The "fun" part comes from a good weight balance and RWD, IMO.

I still can't help but think of a Miata. If it's cramped for you, you can always rip out the stock seats in put racing buckets on the floor. I see a lot of guys who've done just that.
QUOTE (Bobzilla @ Jul 27 2007, 12:05 PM)
We can only run a shifter cart at 2 tracks, or 3 events a year.† Not much fun in that.

Plus, what happened to that hyundai spirit of being a Pioneer and having fun trying something unheard of?

That part of me died long ago... j/k. I think that's fine but do it in a car you're going to have fun in. Maybe the Swift would be that car but I'd always be a little worried that the understeer, plowing front-end, overheating front tires would get old over time.
I wish I could get a "test drive" in one of these GTi's. I think I sould put this to rest with . . .say 45 minutes on a road course?
So, why are you guys having this discussion here? Wasn't there a topic somewhere else for this? Doh.gif
There he goes... Maybe we can have Mitch promote you the Thread Efficiency Czar. Oh and bonus... it makes a non-sensical TLA!

Seriously though... you are correct... again.
Hey, I have to pretend I do something once and a while tongue.gif
You may just wanna move it Tells.
See, you put it in the right place and we lose all interest. It's not fun unless we're wrecking the thread! haha.gif
How about a Dragon? Here ya go, some interesting info on the Dragon chassis...

And a pic of Tommy Saunders in his Dragon...

This guy is an incredible driver and does all the novice walk-thrus around here.

Or how about this...
"Porsche 944, 1986, Black on Black, runs and looks good, sunroof, Bilstein, Carbotech, two sets of wheels with Bridgestone S-03ís and Nokian snows, ready to drive, solo, tour, whatever $4500"
We got a guy in the Indy region running one of these. 1000cc GSXR engine/trans.

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