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Ok, after a couple days of researching and looking through forums, I didn't find much.

So far, all I have a SRI and a Front Strut Bar... I am needing more, yes, my name is Ryan and I have a problem.

I've been look specifically for some new springs to lower my car, full cat back, and new header; not to mention a rear sway bar and/or strut bar.

I found a header and cat back on Evo Fusion but it's too much for my pockets at the moment. I would like to know if parts from other cars fit my '05 GT, 5 door.

I wish to get into AutoX this year so any tips on what I should do next it greatly apperciated of the up most. Although I still want enough power. A friend of mine just brought a '02 Jetta 1.8T (auto) and that's my only completion that I can reach.

For those who don't want to read that:

Looking for parts that will fit my '05 GT, hatch, made specifically for it or not.

Again, ANY advice is greatly apperciated.
Hey Krad

You seriously searched this forum and others for info on springs and swaybars and rims and tires and couldn't find much? Wow confused-scratchhead3.gif

Tib rear swaybar
Poly bushings
Tib GT Struts
H&R Springs
Drilled/Slotted Rotors
Hawk or EBC Pads
15" or 16" lightweight wheels
Summer tire of your choice (BFG G-Force KD's seem to be the absolute best)

With these things your car can win at autox events. The driver has to be up to the task.
Shoot. . .with half those things my car can win at our auto-x cross events. . . too bad the driver keeps holding it back.

I would suggest the 16x7 wheel with 225/45's on it. I know that's the tire I'll be ending up with anyway.

As far as header goes, we don't know where you're from and what emissions testing you go through (fill out your profile!). If you live somewhere that does a visual check, you WILL FAIL with a header as it eleminates the primary cat. For the 4-5hp gain, IMO it's not worth it. Get a nice 2.25" cat back and a chambered muffler for the tq, CAI and the suspension mods Scott already mentioned. THose will make an extremely fun car to drive!
There are some great alternatives available to us, just not as many as for the ubiquitous Honduhs. Please redo your search in here and you will get some great ideas. Don't forget to peruse the racing zone!

You should prioritize you mods. I would suggest the priority as follows:

1) Tires (get with #4 if you can afford it)
2) Rear swaybar
3) Autocross alignment
4) Lightweight wheels (at least 7" wide)
5) Suspension (coilovers or spring and struts)
6) Everything else

You will be forced into STS because our cars don't turn for squat with the 14mm rear swaybar. You will also notice a recurring theme here emphasizing handling mods first. You have enough powah, and better torque numbers than a lot of the guys out there. The intake and exhaust are great but it's mostly eye/ear candy.
Whats wrong with ear candy? tongue.gif biggrin.gif

But ya tib sway bar and poly bushings followed by springs/struts or coilovers should be the next things you do. ESP if your planing to go AutoXing
Silent, FYI, ESP is also a scca car class designation for E Street Prepared. thumbsup.gif

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