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Full Version: will this buff out?
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Stole this from another site I visit.

A bad day at autox
I saw this the other day. Some people have complained about the course design and supposed lack of safety precautions just based on what they saw in the pictures.

But then I read this:
I've seen this thread on many forums and feel something should be made known.  Unless you were actually at the event.  There is no reason to judge the qulaity of the event or the course design.  Pictures do not tell the whole story and they are notoriously bad at depth perception.

In a nutshell, from people that actually witnessed the accident.  The driver was expierenced, and just quite simply hit the clutch instead of the brake pedal.  The car at that velocity obviosly made up ground quickly.  The celica you see in the pics actually belongs to one of the SSS there.  Now do you think you would park your car in a place that would be in danger of an accident from the course?  Of course not.  This would be no different than any penninton field event if someone were to hit the clutch instead of the brake.  Everyone has brain farts, his just happend to be a big one.

And here is the quote from the SSS

"I was the safety steward. Its my Celica that took the initial impact. The course was 100% within Solo's rules for safety. If you want to flame on and play monday morning quarterback and gloat that it was my fault you go ahead. That finish lane was LONG, and with the limits of the site there is no other place to put the finish that also doesnt create bigger problems of crowd control. The driver was driving an unfamiliar car at 10/10ths and was at fault. Period. NO one else, even in similarly powered cars had ANYTHING REMOTELY like that happen, and the driver at fault had just had a SIMILAR SPIN in his own retrospect I would not have let him drive the car after that, but thats just me. Just so you feel good heres a pic of THE SAFETY STEWARDS (MY) CAR. Enjoy. "
WOW! That's really nasty. Does the guys insurance pay? Will his insurance company brush him off 'cause it happened while he was racing, or does he have a rider to cover it? Or, would the SCCA insurance cover it. I know they sent me a bunch of insurance information when I joined, but to be honest I didn't really read it.
Damn, looks like the 'Vette driver bowled a strike!
Poor guy... wow... I doubt insurance will cover that.
Link to picstures and article

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