Went to Sarnia Ontario for a race today. That means crossing the border. It took about 3 minutes to cross into Canada and 1.5 hours to get back into the states after the race. Made for a long day since it was a 1.75 hour drive to get there in the first place.

There were 25 drivers and the course was very wet when we started. It was drizzling most of the day.

We got 5 runs and then they did fun runs afterwards but I did not partake since my tires are about done.

They run things different up there in the way they do scoring. It is all run on pax times. You place for the event by your pax time and not by your class. By that I finished 7th of 25 but 5 of the top finishers ran at the end of the event and the track was nearly dry for them. It was still pretty wet when I ran my final run. It would have made a huge difference but still maybe a couple of positions.

I have a couple of vids to post up once I get them downloaded.

Anyway it was fun until coming home.