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ElantraClub - For Elantra Owners and Enthusiasts _ Elantra General Discussions _ What kind of mileage are you getting?

Posted by: Doohickie Nov 11 2006, 02:13 AM

I noticed I was up to 300 miles on a tank of gas, and still had over a quarter tank. So I started really taking it easy to see if I could get a 400 mile tank. Today the low fuel light came on just shy of 370 miles and I lost my nerve and filled up. It only took 12.6 gallons and on calculating I found I got 29.7 mpg! So even though I lost my nerve, I could have easily made 400 miles on the 14.5 gallon tank.


I've gotten 400 on a tank once or twice before, but only on long trips. In my normal commute I generally fill up around 300-320 because it's getting low and I don't generally push it to empty. I've averaged 26.5 mpg since buying the car, and usually that's what I get on my commute more or less.

But if I start getting 30 mpg on a regular basis, I'm not gonna complain! whistle.gif

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