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ElantraClub - For Elantra Owners and Enthusiasts _ i30 Maintenance _ Battery terminal problem

Posted by: bratsmom Sep 27 2016, 04:53 PM

Hi, My car wouldn't start today so my husband jumped it and we went to auto zone for a new battery. Nothing was left on so figured after five years and TWENTY FOUR DAYS, it might need a battery. Get to Auto Zone and was watching the guy take it out and the part that holds it is just falling apart. Took it to Hyundai and it's over $400 since you have to buy the whole thing not just the part I need. The service guy is going to contact Hyundai since it's only 24 days out of warranty and only has 28,000 miles. Is there anyone who carries this part or any suggestions??? It's a 2012 Elantra touring and this is the first problem I've had with it since I bought it new.

Posted by: bratsmom Sep 27 2016, 06:00 PM

Same pics with the problem highlighted. Both the top and bottom rings that hold the terminal post are cracked.

Posted by: angus murray Jan 14 2017, 03:47 AM

Hyundai only sells complete wire harness which is ridiculous. Toyota sells a better designed terminal for the Camry (either positive or negative) which only requires enlarging an 8mm hole to 10. Cost is about $20.00.

Posted by: slowgls Jan 14 2017, 12:51 PM

Just buy one at the local parts store send be done with it.

Posted by: The Gegenator Jan 14 2017, 03:20 PM

QUOTE (slowgls @ Jan 14 2017, 12:51 PM) *
Just buy one at the local parts store send be done with it.

What Kyle said- cut the wires off the old terminal and replace it with something
Even if you weren't comfortable doing it yourself, a local garage wouldn't take more than 30 minutes labor to complete.

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