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Posted by: elantragt Mar 8 2016, 03:29 PM

Thanks for the thoughtful response. Morsel.

We've talked about making this a full Hyundai site and not just Elantra based but it just wouldn't work or more precisely it would entail a domain change and far more work and money than I am capable of. As far as archiving the older stuff, those sections get about as many hits as the newer generations just in different areas (maintenance mostly). And since this community started back in 2002 with the XD generation, there is a certain attachment I have to that generation of cars. It was a bold step for me to recently update the banner and take away the XD gen from it. And over the years I have shifted the newer generation forums to a higher position on the board index.

No, I think the real issue is simply that classic forums seem to have taken a back seat to social media sites. And it's a sad thing to see. Facebook only allows so much interaction and detail. Forums are so much better suited to niche sites like we have.

There was a time this place was getting 400-500 posts a day. Just posting that boggles my mind.

I've tried many times to light a fire to get members to post more or add their car to our Garage or Gallery or add a review etc... and it just seems that these days no one either has the time or interest to do so.

I've kept this site open through many difficult things in my personal life, including monetary problems and the biggest tragedy of my life... losing my precious wife Tammy last year. All I can really do at this point is hope something changes and folks begin to post again. There's no magic bullet or voodoo to be done.

My "knock-knock" joke was really more of a vent when I saw we had zero posts in 24 hours.

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